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God is on the move!

By Andy Taylor, International Director, May 2022

What an incredible time in history to be alive! On the one hand we see things on the news that we could never have imagined and yet on the other hand we know that God is on the move! We know that He is in charge and that His light is breaking through the darkness.

The challenge for us is whether we sink under the darkness or whether we look up, cry out to the Lord and commit our lives to follow Him, regardless of what may be shaking around us. As the Lord’s return gets nearer and nearer, can we hear God’s voice calling us out of our sleep and half-heartedness? Will we respond and ask for His Spirit to enable us to stand firm and to passionately love and serve Him? These are the weighty questions that our Ellel teams in Ukraine and Russia are responding to in desperate circumstances (see our Ukraine reports); but the challenge is no less for the rest of us as our faith is challenged to its core.

Will we respond and ask for
His Spirit to enable
us to stand firm . . . ?

Over 38 nations represented by our Ellel Ministries International Leader’s Conference, held at Ellel Pierrepont, April 2022

Our recent International Leaders Conference was a very special time. Over 38 nations were represented by committed leaders impassioned to bring God’s healing and salvation to a broken world! We were able to express our deep gratitude to Peter and Fiona Horrobin for their amazing years of pioneering under the Lord; to thank them for the sacrificial love they poured out to so many as the work was established and grew around the world. As Peter handed over to me the baton of International Director, there was a deep sense of anticipation for the future and an expectation of God leading us forward into this new season. At the same time, even with a 36-year history, we are certain of one thing – we’ve never been this way before! But we know that God is on the move, and He is with us!

an expectation of God leading us forward into this new season

It was so moving to hear the reports from Ellel centres around the world and how God is so powerfully at work. We can see how He has grown this worldwide ministry, despite the pandemic, and how He is stirring hearts for the next season. We were deeply moved by the sharing of our leaders in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia who joined us by Zoom. Their faith and love for each other can only be possible because of a God who has gripped their hearts and bound them together in Him.

we invite you to continue to stand with us.

We sat with mouths wide open as we heard of the launching of a new work in Papua New Guinea, the training of 100 male ministry team in Romania, the stirring of faith for a centre to be established in Israel after 10 years of pioneering, the outreach across the Scandinavian nations with their teaching videos being translated into Farsi, the translation of materials into Spanish at Ellel USA motivated by a strong sense that God is about to open doors into South America, news of a new centre emerging in the far east of Canada, and so much more!

God is on the move! Not just through Ellel Ministries, but through His worldwide Body. As we enter a new season of Ellel Ministries we invite you to continue to stand with us. If you feel called to serve on team, then get in touch. If you long to minister to those in need, then get in touch.

We are purposeful in wanting to build God’s Kingdom

We are purposeful in wanting to build God’s Kingdom. We are passionate about seeing people enter a more authentic relationship with God, free of the burdens and wounds which have held them back, and set on fire to follow Him.

Thank you for standing with us over the last 36 years of ministry. We know we’ve only just started and there is so much more to come. As these days get darker, let’s pursue the Light of the World and share Him with those who are lost, poor, broken and hopeless.

Every blessing,
Andy Taylor
Ellel Ministries International Director

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