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It’s totally thrilling to see Ellel’s healing and discipleship ministry grow so far and wide across the globe. It hasn’t happened immediately but has grown out of a steady demonstration that God’s core truths can transform lives when put into practice.

Testimony after testimony proves that God’s healing of our brokenness solidifies the foundations to not only feel more whole as a person, but to experience the Holy Spirit’s supernatural releasing of our gifts and contribute more significantly to God’s Kingdom work – whether it’s in church leadership, evangelism, prophecy, prayer ministry, worship, or any other call on a person’s life. Even in everyday work life, the results of personal inner healing totally transform relationships with colleagues, friends and family members.

Enjoy this quick tour of Ellel Ministries around the world. We really do give glory to God, for his message of love, compassion, healing and salvation for anyone, anywhere. May it inspire you to perhaps be a part of it. The harvest is truly great.


Ellel Australia

Ellel Sydney is the headquarters of Ellel Ministries in Australia.

Unique to Ellel Australia, and only available to Australians, is their offering of:

  • 1st Year Certificate IV in Ministry & Theology
  • 2nd year Diploma in Ministry & Theology
  • Degree in Ministry & Theology

All qualifications are based around Ellel Ministries teaching and participate in our Explore Schools. Each student receives extensive personal ministry opportunities and are trained to offer prayer ministry to others, whilst also helping serve in all the key roles required to run an Ellel Centre.

Ellel Canada

There are two centres, one in the East (Ontario) and the other in the West (Alberta). Both works are expanding, with the Ontario team pioneering superb online courses that are available to anyone. Their introductory course is called Renovate and have followed it up with many other courses, such as on the subject of marriage.

Visit their webpage to see all their amazing offerings and centre courses. Ellel Canada in the West runs a 10-day Impact course, which compresses much of Ellel’s core teaching, as well as running regular healing retreats, pastors retreats and marriage courses. Both centres are looking to expand their facilities to meet the demand of people wanting to attend.

Ellel Ontario Team


Ellel’s online courses


Ellel Canada West (Calgary) Directors: Alexander and Marion Morrison


Ellel Canada East Team


There are three centres of Ellel’s operations in Malaysia. In all locations, there are amazing passionate people that are part of an ever-expanding trained ministry team. There has been tremendous focus on growing prayer ministry teams in real world situations, during personal ministry appointments. These centres run all our core courses, with creativity becoming a vital component in Asian culture, to move belief systems from the head to becoming a personal reality in the heart.

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Ellel Modular Training Graduates


Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Ellel Graduates being prayed over


Ellel Sabah Team


Malaysia, Penang, Ellel Workshop


Malaysia, Penang, Ellel Team


Malayisa, Penang, Prayer Ministry Appointment


Malaysia, Penang, Ellel Teaching Demonstration


Ellel Begium is a new work, but with a group of volunteers and prayer ministers, there is opportunity for full time team to grow. Do pray for this work, now that they have reached a critical point of growth. Pray the Lord shows them how to harvest the fields, now ripe for harvest.

Belgium Explore students


Belgium Explore B Students


Ellel Kenya have a thriving ministry, offering Prayer Ministry Appointments, both in person and via hour long telephone prayer ministry. Their team have pioneered the growth of an amazing online community of study groups, using Zoom to lead readers through Peter Horrobin’s Journey to Freedom books (8 books in the series). It has been a tremendous success, and its growth is only limited by the availability of Journey to Freedom books in Kenya! The group use the books as a regular personal devotional journey on healing, doing this alone, but meeting weekly either by zoom or in person with Ellel trained group leaders. Their in-person meetings have at least 10 people join, and it has brought deeper levels of understanding of their discipleship walk, and the importance of healing to enable them to grow in God’s ways.

Ellel Kenya’s Leadership


Ellel Kenya’s full-time team


Ellel Singapore is a Regional Centre for East Asia and South East Asia, and recently celebrated 16 years of God’s faithfulness. It was founded in 2005, and has since established bases in Malaysia and beyond. They have an amazing team of people, but are still looking to double their numbers for ministry, teaching and services. They currently operate out of The Church of True Light, but are looking at opportunities for their own centre which will serve the whole region.


The Lord continues his miracles, following the earlier remarkable donation of $1,000,000 to purchase land in Florida. A further $500,000 has been raised for the building stage of the project, which will become a major Ellel hub within the USA for training, ministry and discipleship, and we believe will also become a strategic place of refuge. You can view a video that shares the full vision and needs of the project.

The following testimony from Ellel USA sums up all that we stand for, as we push back the darkness in people’s lives:

Thank you and your team for being so instrumental in my walk. The Ellel team have fought for me and alongside me through some dark times. When my trust in people was buried, underground, and measuring in the negative, you were all there. Saying thank you seems so trivial and trite . . .  I may be lacking written or audible words, but my heart swells with emotion and gratitude that can’t be measured or even expressed in a tangible way. I know God crossed my path with Ellel, and He has done miraculous things in me . . . I know this darkest of times I’ve experienced so far in my life will be met with the deepest love, the strongest trust, and the complete healing that can only be found in Abba. So, thank you.

The expansive land, provided by God through a miraculous donation, and now owned by Ellel USA. This tree, sitting centrally on the land, has been the place of many intercessions for the future vision of the work.


One of the building plans for Ellel USA, that still requires serious funding for this amazing vision.


This shows the full expanse of our land at Ellel USA, Florida, and the extraordinary potential of being a place for healing, restoration, powerful discipleship training, mission training and a place of safety and refuge.  


The marquee is used for Ellel’s meetings and courses, such as Explore, in the absence of a large enough building facility, but is the beginning of all God intends for Ellel USA. 




Coffee and dining area facility, with also utility storage on the side. This image shows the expanse of land behind.


Ellel USA’s meeting room building. It’s a modest space that holds very small meetings, especially for team and small prayer and worship events.


This is Ellel USA’s office facility with small bookshop. It’s a separate building to the meeting room facility.


The Ellel USA team


Matt and Becky Moore (centre left couple) are Ellel’s USA’s directors, with his family.


The land has a beautiful pond (watch out for alligators!)


Ellel USA also shares Ellel’s teaching on the significance of Israel within God’s end time plans.



Ellel Norway is not only a beautiful centre to retreat to, but is full of the presence of the Lord. They are also looking to develop their centre, starting building work on two new houses for accommodation. Translation of original Ellel teaching resources is such a critical process in building teaching resources in different countries. The team have recently translated all of Peter Horrobin’s “Steps to Life” audio series, and recorded them as videos which are available on YouTube with a vision to reach people across the nation.

Ellel Norway Prayer Ministry Team


Steps to Life (by Peter Horrobin) translated into Norwegian and available online


Laying the groundwork on Ellel Norway’s two new buildings


Andy & Cath Taylor’s visit to Ellel Norway recently


Symbolising the Lordship of Jesus, Ellel Norway have been inspired by the large crosses they saw in the grounds at Ellel Scotland and Ellel Pierrepont


The ministry of Ellel France expands well beyond its own borders. At our recent International Leaders Conference, Ellel France’s Director, Patrick Chambron, was anointed into the role of Ellel’s Director of Western Europe Region. He is also working in close collaboration with Ellel Africa for the French speaking nations in that region. Patrick was closely involved with the training of 160 pastors in CAR (Central African Republic), running Modular A and B (which in the UK is known as Explore).

Ellel France’s Centre


Ellel France’s Centre


Patrick and Valerie Chambron (top right) in Central African Republic




Ellel’s ministry here has recently grown in far greater interest, looking now to open new doors to equip pastors and establish local healing ministry teams. They have a passionate heart, like our other Eastern European centres. They are currently looking to minister to the needs of Ukrainian refugees, and also run Explore, which has proven extremely popular with local churches. The Spirit of God is truly sweeping through this region of the world, raising strong, media savvy Christian leadership. We are excited to see how God uses them.

A building Ellel Latvia rents for Healing Retreats


Ellel Latvia Director, Dainis Pandars, teaches on a Healing Retreat


Ellel Latvia Team


Ellel Latvia Explore Teaching Programme to 100 students




The ministry team in this nation is growing and being nurtured, but there is still great need to see this work develop into a more established centre. Do continue to pray that the Lord will help the expansion of this work, building on the already amazing foundations laid by the current team.

Ellel Croatia Explore Graduation


Ellel Croatia Mission Trip


Ellel Croatia Teacher Training Day


Ellel Croatia Explore Meeting


Ellel Croatia Creativity Session

Visting Croatia Team


This new work needs lots of prayer for protection and nurturing, and seeks to develop and grow under the Regional Leadership of Tamas Kovacs, who is Centre Director at Ellel Hungary.


Ellel Rwanda Team


Ellel Rwanda Centre


Church visit location, Rwanda

Shere House, South Africa

Herman Redelinghuys is the Director of Ellel South Africa, and has recently taken over Ellel’s Executive position from Derek Puffett. Derek this year stepped down from the Executive Leadership after pioneering the establishment of Ellel Africa (with its regional headquarters at Shere House in Pretoria), alongside his wife Beryl. Herman is also Regional Director for Africa, oversighting the many exciting developments of Ellel across this continent, with particular focus on new works in Uganda, CAR, Namibia and more locally, Cape Town. They ask to please trust with them for the increase of the capacity of the team for the work God has prepared for them in this season. Please pray for an understanding and moving into God’s next steps into Africa.

Ellel South Africa team makes first steps with brothers and sisters of Christ in Uganda. Exciting times.


Celebrating 20 Years of Ellel Ministries South Africa at Shere House.


Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honour and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created.

Revelation 4:11, ESV

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