A life-changing 9-week programme that helps you steer your journey towards personal growth, healing, prayer ministry training and fruitful discipleship, based at Ellel Grange, Lancashire, England.

Welcome to Flagship at Ellel Grange

Imagine having the time to focus fully on the Lord for 9 weeks, to hear biblical teaching that is relevant to you and your life, and to receive personal prayer ministry for those blindspots and obstacles that can come between us and the fullness of God’s call on our lives.

Flagship is a well established and proven learning programme, that provides a wealth of training on how to identify issues in your own life, but to also minister effectively to others in a safe, encouraging environment. You will have opportunity to rest and recharge – away from the normal pressures of life – and to enjoy rich fellowship with people of all ages and cultures in a beautiful environment. The Flagship Programme gives you all that and more!

Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those who were in need.

Luke 9:11

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Flagship Summer 2021

About Flagship

Flagship is a combination of biblical teaching and training, group work, practical application, personal reflection, prayer ministry, worship and fellowship to prepare and equip you to receive and share God’s healing love into our needy and broken world.

The Flagship Programme will take you on a journey to discover more about the Lord, what He is doing in these times and how healing and restoration are vital to the Body of Christ. As well as restoring and refreshing your own life, the teaching aims to challenge you and empower you with keys to pray for others and see the Lord bring healing to them also.

Is the 9 Week Flagship Programme for you?

Finding God’s Direction

Are you looking for something new or pondering what the Lord may be calling you into? Do you want to do more for Jesus in reaching out to others but feel ill-equipped? Perhaps you are serving the Lord and need to take some time out to rest and to receive further training. Are you seeking a deeper relationship with God but feel there are things holding you back? Do you want your life to be more fruitful for the Kingdom of God?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Flagship could just be the thing you’ve been looking for! Flagship is for anyone who is serious about God and wants to move on with Him. It does not require prior training and you don’t have to be a theologian – you just need an open heart to the Lord. In fact, as many guests have told us before, Flagship is the best investment you could make in your Christian walk!

Teaching Format

The 9 week programme is dynamic, with teaching sessions, group discussion and opportunities for practical prayer ministry experience. The teaching content presents profound biblical truth in a very down-to-earth way that all will be able to relate to. You will have the opportunity to receive prayer ministry for yourself as you journey through the various sessions and learn more about healing and discipleship and apply it to your own life. At the same time the programme provides training in how to come alongside others, putting what you learn into practice.

Practical sessions take a variety of forms including:

Alongside the extensive teaching sessions, there are practical sessions.

  • Group discussions and case studies
  • Healing workshops where the guests on Flagship minister to each other under the supervision of our trained team
  • Opportunity for those on Flagship to come alongside experienced members of our ministry team to minister to, or intercede for outside guests on a 1-Day Healing Retreat.
  • Opportunities to receive personal prayer ministry at different stages throughout the programme. Sometimes this will just be a few minutes after a particular teaching session but there is also a full day of prayer ministry provided for each guest.

Teaching Programme

The teaching content is designed to give you a solid understanding of discipleship, healing and deliverance. Rooted in biblical truth, the teaching is enhanced with the vast experience of the teaching team and lessons learnt through ministering to people over many years.

This not only enables you to better understand your own life and possible roots to your struggles, leading to receiving help and healing from the Lord, but it also equips you to help others.

The main teaching themes are shown below.

The Main Teaching Themes

Strong Foundations

Healing Principles

Practical Application

Fulfilling the Great Commission

Flagship Testimonies

Every year we receive wonderful testimonies of what God has done through the lives of our Flagship guests whilst with us here at Ellel Grange. Scroll below through some of our recent testimonies, or watch them share in person on the video above.

So much attention, and care, and love we received in this place. It is amazing. So, I recommend everybody, everybody, because everybody needs something here. Even though you may think 'it's not for me, I am healed, I don't need this...' I am sure you are going to receive a lot of revelations and a lot of healing here. So, thank God and everyone here at Ellel Ministries... it's amazing.

Luiz Paulo Machado, Brazil

Flagship has been an amazing tool in the hand of the Lord, to bring healing and really bring me back to Him. Yea, do it, it's good... the Lord wants to come into places of emptiness I think, and that's what he really did for me.

Rachel Goodwin, United Kingdom

I would 100% recommend the Flagship programme. They make it personal here, so it's not just black and white teaching from a text book to us, but it personally relates to us, and they are really led by the Holy Spirit, and if you are thinking about just wanting to draw closer to God, wanting to understand more about who he is, wanting to understand scripture, the bible more clearly, I think this would be an incredible place to do that and if the lord leads you, this has been an incredible experience and I would definitely recommend.

Neil Fowler, United Kingdom

Flagship has by far exceeded my expectations. The teaching, I felt I never learnt so much before as I've learned in these nine weeks. There were so many areas I never thought about before. And also the fellowship and the love just of the people on staff and the other flagshippers. It's been such an encouraging environment. And also these beautiful grounds, it's just been so lovely spending time with God outside in nature. To also learn how to minister practically to others which I feel I have not really learnt in this hands on way before. It has been incredibly enriching and really deepened my relationship with God.

Eli Sichalwe, Germany

So many people are broken-hearted, or the real word we are told, is shattered. And this is an opportunity to learn about the brokenness and how God intends to fix us, starting with us. And then using the gifts from the Spirit to help other people realise their true identity in Christ.

Anne Strobel, United Kingdom

When I arrived myself [*with wife's encouragement], I didn't think I needed this teaching, I didn't think I needed all this care. I would say 100% of Christians should come at some stage in their life, to this kind of ministry, especially this one. It covers everything. The staff, the volunteers, the whole group, have been absolutely wonderful. Nothing is too much trouble. I didn't think I was hurting, but it turned out I was. Until it is taken out and put on a washing line, you don't know. Down from the teaching, the prayer and the food, I cannot fault it. And you've all been so kind.

David Strobel, United Kingdom

I got to speak with people who were very mature who kinda lift me up in a sense and discern with what I was struggling that day and speak just the right word without even taking credit, saying "God told me, lala..." – they just had the maturity to speak into it, nip it and take it. I just appreciate that maturity.

Deante Preston, USA

When I came into Flagship, I had a real weight on my shoulders. I didn't understand the weight on my shoulders because deep down I sort of felt ok, but I knew there was a weight on me that I couldn't understand. Right the way through the course certain things happened like clockwork that this weight was taken off my shoulders.

John Watters, United Kingdom

There is so much fun built in as well, and that has just blown me away. So we have had family fun nights, summer fun days. God may have churned a few things up in the day and it's been a bit difficult, and then you have a family fun night where you just laugh. And that for me has been a key lesson. Because you might have difficult times, but you can still get together and have a laugh in the evening about normal, relaxed things. That's been a key learning point for me.

Marie Gildea, United Kingdom

I attended the 9-week Flagship Programme at Ellel Grange which totally changed my life. The teaching, prayer and the environment at Ellel Grange was tremendous in this process. In a dark world full of sin, evil and pain, Ellel really is a refuge where you come to be healed and restored.

Matthew Simms, United Kingdom

The Experience

A typical day starts at 9.30am with worship together followed by training. There are also some evening and weekend sessions.

Guests invariably testify that the experience gained through the practical sessions reinforces the truth and reality of all that they have heard during the teaching sessions. You will leave the programme encouraged and excited about putting the principles you have learnt into practice as you seek to be used by God to help and pray for others.

Free Time & Recreation

The Flagship structure and the attractive environment at Ellel Grange provides a wonderful setting for fellowship with other guests. Optional outings, walks, movie nights and recreational activities will be arranged as part of the programme to help you to unwind and relax and to fully enjoy the experience of attending the 9-Week Flagship Programme.

The Centre

Ellel Grange is a country mansion house located in Lancashire, the North West of England. It is the spiritual home of Ellel Ministries and was the first centre to be established. Ellel Grange is also the UK & International Headquarters of Ellel Ministries with a reputation for it’s hospitality and warm atmosphere. To learn more about Ellel Grange’s history and facilities, visit the link below.

Reflection & Fellowship

Your time on Flagship will be rich with opportunities to grow new friendships with people from both within the UK and also guests that come from all around the world. Throughout the 9-week journey of Flagship a sense of family gradually emerges as our guests learn from the teaching, share with each other and build one another up. There is never any pressure to do this, but the Lord meets each person at their own place in the journey of trust. Guests tell us ever year how Flagship feels safe to be yourself.

Wonderful Food & Atmosphere

As in the Bible days, the best fellowship often happens around meal times! Let us spoil you with delicious meals, with time to chat, laugh and get to know one another. No cooking or washing up for 9-weeks (unless you really want to!). Enjoy special BBQ treat days, where guests and the team get to enjoy eating together outside on what we always hope (and often get!) will be beautiful, hot summer days.

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Flagship Dates & Prices


The dates for the next Flagship events at Ellel Grange are:

28th September – 30th November 2024
12th April – 14th June 2025
27th September – 29th November 2025


Please note that the prices shown below are in British pounds and are per person. They include teaching, notes, accommodation and all meals and refreshments.

Accommodation Type:Non-Residential
2024 Prices:£2,195
2025 Prices:£2,345
Accommodation Type:Budget (up to 5 sharing)
2024 Prices:£3,095
2025 Prices:£3,275
Accommodation Type:Standard (3 sharing)
2024 Prices:£3,395
2025 Prices:NA
Accommodation Type:Twin (2 sharing)
2024 Prices:£3,495
2025 Prices:£3,675
Accommodation Type:Twin Ensuite (2 sharing)
2024 Prices:£3,895
2025 Prices:£4,095
Accommodation Type:Single
2024 Prices:£4,195
2025 Prices:£4,225
Accommodation Type:Single Ensuite
2024 Prices:NA
2025 Prices:£4,425

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