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A free 365-day online journey of healing and discipleship with daily teachings by Peter Horrobin (founder of Ellel Ministries) enabling you to experience personal transformation – one day at a time.


Journey to Freedom is an amazing, free online opportunity for you to grow in God through unique daily readings split over 52 weeks. Each new week will unlock your next 5 days of readings, plus a day that reviews the week, and a ‘Sabbath’ devotional day. Each week of readings will be revealed as you move along your journey. You can pause the programme at any time, add personal notes as a journal and bookmark your favourite readings.

This online programme is designed to help radically change your life step-by-step, as it has many others – revealing God’s desire to walk with you through the darkest valleys and over the glorious mountain tops. God wants you to live a life of godly fulfilment, nurtured in the belief and trust that He loves you and wants the best for you, your family, your relationships and your work. Written by Peter Horrobin, he shares from the depth of his 30 years personal experience in healing ministry. Read Peter’s personal message to you below to learn more.

Although a Spirit-filled keen christian for many years, God has taught me many really helpful new things and brought extra clarity of so much, giving many new breakthroughs.

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A Message from Peter Horrobin

In 30 years of ministry, I have witnessed first-hand, and on many occasions, how the Lord has brought deep healing, restoration and freedom to even the most hurting and broken of people. Journey to Freedom contains the life-transforming keys that God has given us in His Word, which will enable you to enjoy personal transformation and freedom, one step at a time.

There are many wonderful stories of how God used these daily lessons to transform and heal people’s lives, as they joined in the adventure of faith that is at the heart of Journey to Freedom. This is a journey through which God can transform your life one step at a time, as you understand and apply each chapter’s scriptural teaching. I don’t write these words lightly – I believe them with every part of my being. I KNOW God changes people’s lives, I have seen it happen! I KNOW He brings healing and freedom to those who are struggling. I KNOW God is interested in every detail of our lives. I KNOW He wants to set us free from the holds of the enemy. And I KNOW He wants to see you living in the destiny He has prepared for you.

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Peter's Message Continued, about Journey to Freedom

We serve a truly awesome God who is as real and active today as He was in all the stories we read in the Bible (Hebrews 13:8). I am looking forward to sharing some of these with you. They are powerful testimonies to what the Lord has done in people’s lives, as His truth has become established in their hearts.

Many have been set free from long term physical and psychological conditions, addictions and generational curses. Deep wounds of abuse and rejection have been healed by our gentle Father God. Identities that have been crushed, and sometimes burdened with guilt and shame, have been restored and relationships have been healed and repaired.

People have been healed from the consequences of deep traumas. Wounds have been touched by the Lord and the holds of the enemy have been broken. The fruits of bitterness have melted away through love and forgiveness. Debilitating fears have been discarded and replaced with courage and trust – so many beautiful stories of life-transformation, by a God who cares passionately for you and for me.

Strong and Lasting Foundations

All buildings need strong and lasting foundations. Without these buildings will have a limited life and could collapse dangerously. In a similar way our lives need to have strong and lasting spiritual foundations. With good foundations in place a building will fulfil the purpose for which it was built. And when our lives are built on solid foundations we are able to enter into the calling and destiny that God has reserved for each one of us.  Journey to Freedom will help you establish such foundations as a preparation for all that God has for you in the rest of your life.

when our lives are built on solid foundations we are able to enter into the calling and destiny that God has reserved for each one of us.

I am excited and envisioned about the faith journey we’re embarking on together. A wealth of vital material is going to be available to you. And you will be able to make this journey at the pace that is just right for you, with the freedom to move on from one day to the next whenever you feel ready. But may I encourage you to begin at the beginning – and not to miss out any of the weeks. Each and every one contains vital life-giving material.

It may be tempting to miss the first foundational weeks or some days, but you can’t construct a safe building without the foundations being in place. And the foundations which will be built into your life through the early weeks of Journey to Freedom could be of critical importance to you.

The most genuine and lasting works of personal transformation that I have witnessed, have usually come as part of such an ongoing pilgrimage with the Lord. This is how the Holy Spirit normally works in our lives in order to establish godly order – one step at a time.

For many of us the struggles in our lives aren’t going to be fixed in a day. We may cry out “Heal Me, Lord”, but for most of us God doesn’t heal us dramatically or through an instant transformation. He heals us by carefully and tenderly working deep in our hearts, in the hidden areas that we may have tried so hard to ignore or discard. When our Heavenly Father brings His truth into our innermost being, He establishes those strong and lasting foundations, through which He brings stability, deep healing and wholeness.

He heals us by carefully and tenderly working deep in our hearts, in the hidden areas that we may have tried so hard to ignore or discard.

Many of the people I meet and pray with come to our Centres because of the unwelcome fruit they see in their lives, such as depression, relationship breakdown, sicknesses, financial crisis or ruin, insomnia, addictions, pornography or obesity and many more different problems that Christians can struggle with.

This causes them to cry out to the Lord for healing of the symptoms, but the real problems usually go a whole lot deeper. What is the real cry of their heart? It’s things like sadness, despair, fear, anxiety, sense of failure and unworthiness. It’s feeling guilty and unfulfilled. It’s anger, loneliness, the cold wall of self-protection, inner brokenness, hopelessness and lack of identity. It’s not having a reason to live.

As a human being I may be an expert at covering up my struggles. I may try and function normally and ignore the inner limping which has become part of my everyday life. But the Lord longs to repair deep areas of our heart; not just deal with the fruit seen on the surface – not just what I’m struggling with today.

the Lord longs to repair deep areas of our heart; not just deal with the fruit seen on the surface – not just what I’m struggling with today.

Jesus said, ‘If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.’ (John 8:36) Unless He heals the foundation of our lives, we can never really become the people He created us to be and enjoy the blessing of being that person!

Truth and Reality

On each stage of this journey, as you read and take in one day at a time, I believe the Lord will be building new foundations of truth and revelation into your heart. We will start at the beginning and look with reality, not condemnation, at who we are in God and our relationship with Him. We will learn much from the lives of others as we absorb the invaluable lessons contained within God’s word.

On each stage of this journey, as you read and take in one day at a time, I believe the Lord will be building new foundations of truth and revelation into your heart.

Journey to Freedom isn’t a Bible study aimed at making us more knowledgeable Christians – the heart of this journey is to learn how to apply the truths of God’s word and His character deep into our own being. Then He can transform the hidden depths of who we are into the beautiful creation He intended us to be. It’s all for His glory and not for ours. My prayer is that by the enabling power of the Holy Spirit you will have the courage and the willingness to allow the Lord to shine His truth into every area of your being.

It’s so easy to hide the true motives of our hearts, and even to deceive ourselves! But it’s only as we are real before the One who created us, that we can fully allow Him to make that essential difference to our lives. Psalm 51:6 (NKJV) says ‘You desire truth in the inward parts, and in the hidden part you will make me to know wisdom’, and Jesus Himself said, ‘Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’ (John 8:32)?

So at the very beginning of your Journey to Freedom may I encourage you to commit your life afresh to the Lord and give Him permission to shine His light of truth deep into your heart:

Father God, thank You so much for who You are, for Your love and for Your desire to restore my life, so that I can walk in the destiny prepared for me from the very beginning. I pray that You will show me the areas where I have been hurt and need healing. Help me to see the places where I have got it wrong and need forgiveness and restoration. Help me to give You first place in every area of my being as I learn how to apply the truth of Your Word in my life. I invite You to be Lord of every area of my being. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

About Journey to Freedom

Journey to Freedom online & book editions

The reading structure of Journey to Freedom

The 52 Weekly Topics

The 52 weekly teaching Topics of Journey to Freedom

Week 1: My Life in God’s Hands
Week 2: Vital Foundations
Week 3: The Bible – My Guide for Life
Week 4: The Vital Breath of Prayer
Week 5: Healed for a Purpose!
Week 6: Equipped to Serve
Week 7: The Nature of God
Week 8: The Character of God
Week 9: Angels and Demons
Week 10: Satan and his Kingdom
Week 11: Man — God’s Special Creation
Week 12: The Nature of Man
Week 13: What Happened When Man Fell
Week 14: God’s Response to Man’s Sin
Week 15: Israel and God’s Chosen People (1)
Week 16: Israel and God’s Chosen People (2)
Week 17: What Can Happen Today When We Break the Ten Commandments
Week 18: Personal Consequences of Covenant Breaking
Week 19: Promises of Hope and Healing
Week 20: The Coming Messiah – Promises
Week 21: Messiah Comes – Promises Fulfilled
Week 22: Jesus — Baptised and Tested
Week 23: Key Events in the Life of Jesus (1)
Week 24: Jesus Sends Out the Twelve and the Seventy-Two
Week 25: Life Changing Teaching of Jesus (1)
Week 26: Life Changing Teaching of Jesus (2)
Week 27: Healing and Deliverance Ministry of Jesus
Week 28: Jesus Brings Inner Healing
Week 29: Jesus Casts Out Demons
Week 30: Jesus Heals the Physically Sick
Week 31: Healing through Forgiveness
Week 32: Miracles with Meaning
Week 33: Life-changing Parables (1)
Week 34: Life-changing Parables (2)
Week 35: Facing Reality – Jesus Enters Jerusalem
Week 36: The Passion and Death of Jesus (1)
Week 37: The Passion and Death of Jesus (2)
Week 38: Resurrection Life!
Week 39: The Great Commission for the Body of Christ
Week 40: Pentecost – Power for the Church
Week 41: The Church Expands its Horizons
Week 42: He’s Coming Back!
Week 43: God’s Strategy for Your Place in His Church
Week 44: My Personal Healing Needs (1)
Week 45: My Personal Healing Needs (2)
Week 46: My Personal Healing Needs (3) – Sexual Issues
Week 47: My Personal Healing Needs (4) – Overcoming Addictions
Week 48: My Personal Healing Needs (5) – Overcoming Rejection and Abuse
Week 49: Living in God’s Vision for My Life
Week 50: Running the Race
Week 51: Finishing Well.
Week 52: Destined for Glory


A marvellous discipleship tool that can inspire you in your walk with God and help you overcome every personal struggle.

J. Lee Grady, United States

Also available in large paperbacks

Book 1: Building on the Rock

Peter Horrobin takes the reader on a step-by-step journey of personal transformation – one day at a time. The restoration of God’s order in a person’s life is Peter’s objective as this is the foundation for both healing and discipleship. The testimonies from those who have done the Journey to Freedom series are truly amazing.

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This remarkable series of books by Peter Horrobin, the Founder of Ellel Ministries, is a life-transforming library which takes the reader one step at a time on a journey of personal transformation. Every book is packed with vital Bible-based teaching, insights and stories from Peter’s thirty years of ministry experience.

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