Ellel’s work in the UK has seeded the healing ministry across more than 25 countries around the world. Our International Headquarters is based at Ellel Grange, and we fundraise and distribute significant funds to our mission work overseas as well as supporting all centres in practical ways.

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How We Support Our International Mission

It’s an immense privilege to seed and grow Ellel’s healing & discipleship ministry around the world, and we are constantly amazed how the international teams respond to God’s call and quickly establish their teams and facilities. It’s spirit filled passion that unites us in this mutual vision to bring healing and restoration to God’s family and church worldwide.

As the International Headquarters, Ellel Grange has the unique role of co-ordinating this vast range of activity and is done under the leadership of Andy Taylor as Ellel’s International Director. Ellel Grange is both a spiritual and administrative hub of Ellel Ministries UK and International.

A Message from Andy Taylor

God has called us to the nations – to bring His message of hope and healing to those who are burdened, hurting, hopeless and looking for answers. We are gladly responding to that call and are doing all we can to create space for God’s people to encounter Him, be restored and equipped and find new purpose in their lives.

Our teams around the world are passionate for God and are serving wholeheartedly in their own nations. It is a privilege to be a part of such an amazing international family and to see God at work in such mind-blowing ways! But we need support and we are looking for those who are able and willing to join with us in this mission of Isaiah 61 – to heal the broken-hearted and to set the captives free! There are so many who are in need and we need both prayer support and financial assistance to be as fruitful as we possibly can for God’s glory.

Your donation towards our international ministry will enable us to provide much-needed support to all of our centres around the world but especially to those teams working in mission environments.

Thank you for your prayers and vital financial support!

Andy Taylor
International Director

Policy & Governance

Our International Headquarters, Ellel Grange, represents Ellel UK and the International work of Ellel Ministries as a centre of Ellel’s governance, policy and practice.

All of Ellel Ministries’ core teaching and ministry training development is approved through Ellel Grange, by our global Executive leadership according to our best ministry practice guidelines.

It is these strategic practices, protocols and legal protections that provide the framework to Ellel’s international representation.

Direct Financial Support for Mission

Significant funds from the International Headquarters at Ellel Grange are used to directly support the teams and work of our missional centres working in poorer or more challenging nations. The centres that are supported on a regular basis include the region of the Ukraine and Africa.

Teaching & Course Development

Ellel UK is the worldwide home of Ellel training and safeguards our unique curriculum of content. From the UK hub, we are able to distribute Ellel’s training resources across the world. These include provision of programme’s such as Explore, and ministry formats such as our Healing Retreats, as well as providing templates for the many courses we run, such as Healing through Creativity.

Flagship and Impact are Ellel’s longest in-depth training programmes and Ellel UK continues to provide sponsorships for key overseas leaders and believers, looking for Ellel’s most comprehensive training to develop major healing and discipleship opportunities in their countries.

Prayer Ministry Training Resources

Together with training resources for developing courses, Ellel provides comprehensive guidance on building prayer ministry teams in their countries. This is frequently done through the support of neighbouring nations that share languages, as well as through Ellel UK. The worldwide family of Ellel Ministries provides an amazing network of support.

Prayer Support

Ellel Ministries worldwide is a big family, and one that we are constantly motivated to support in prayer. We do this through co-ordinated Prayer Support Group meetings, publicity of activities that need prayer, and active sharing between our global leadership teams.

International Leadership Support

Ellel’s Executive Leadership consists of leaders of the ministry from around the world. They are at the front line of guiding the work forward. We have both national and continental leaders that collaborate with our central hub of leadership and training. New international works need advice and support in establishing a new centre, with sometimes legal and financial support for buildings, land and seeding income. Occasionally, our leaders need additional support for travel when representing the ministry and other developmental costs.

Visiting Speakers

Our UK leaders and teachers contribute to overseas conferences and events to help solidify the work, inspire teams and maintain our Ellel family relationships, through mutual encouragement, prayer and sharing of the vision God has set in place.

Online Resources

Significant investment is made to our International Ministry through the provision of many of our core online resources. For example, our website and database functions is developed through the UK work, which our international work inherits. This provides amazing infrastructural resource to international centres needing course booking features and contact management, as well as pages to promote their training in their country. Moreover, we offer other valuable resources including Peter Horrobin’s Journey to Freedom online training, which we offer free. We offer co-ordination of translation services, as well as a suite of other benefits, such as Teaching Topic articles, Seeds of the Kingdom devotionals and much more.


Ellel UK is home to our book publishing arm, Sovereign World Ltd – a business wholly owned by the charity. Sovereign World has been a powerhouse of Christian teaching in book form for over 30 years and one of its first titles was Healing through Deliverance by Peter Horrobin. Many of our books have been translated and published into a vast number of foreign editions. We partner with Sovereign World Trust, a separate charity to Ellel, but one that we partner with to help sponsor foreign editions and printings in poorer nations.

Countries we work in

Ellel’s International Mission work has spread to many nations, all of them vital to God’s Kingdom work. From South Africa to Ukraine, and from Australia to America, and many countries in between. Each nation has a varying sized operation, some with large physical buildings like we have in the UK, and others with more modest properties or rented facilities. Each work is precious to us and to the Lord. You can look up the website and contact details of each International Centre that Ellel is operational in using the link below.

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