The Need

The beautiful centres that the Lord has provided for this ministry are used to bring an atmosphere of welcome and peace so that our guests can relax, feel at home and receive all that God has for them.

The challenge of old country houses is that there is always a maintenance project (or two!) which is required. Whether it is repairing or replacing a roof, installing new wiring, changing the windows or just replacing mattresses, there is plenty to keep our wonderful maintenance teams busy.

Please join with us and help us in providing the funding needed to do these essential repairs and upkeep so that these centres can continue for generations to come in providing a warm and welcoming environment.

How you can help

Each of our Ellel UK centres has their own specific support base that have a particular affection and thankfulness for the centre they have been part of, often for many years.

It’s through this specific support of a Centre that these supporters have enabled the flourishing and growth of all that God commissioned our teams to do in healing and discipleship. Each Ellel UK centre has unique needs and projects, so we have split our Centre fundraising requirements into three categories: Urgent Needs, Maintenance Projects and Development Projects.

If you are behind us in supporting the vision of healing & discipleship across the UK and beyond, and would like to donate to a specific Centre, then you can, using the links below that will take you to each centre’s specific needs.

For it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted to them his property.

Matthew 25:14, ESV

Urgent Needs

As a Christian charity we run subsidised training programmes that provide some income, but this does not cover all our expense. As often is the case, the “faith need” extends beyond the current means. We often have emergency needs for things like main boilers needing urgent repairs, or income for a cashflow shortfall for overall running costs.

Maintenance Projects

We desire our buildings to honour God in their function and service to those that come for healing and discipleship. Draughty windows, leaking roofs and crumbling old plaster all need constant repair, replacement and funding. The costs are challenging when operating within listed building status requirements. Help us make our buildings secure, warm and comfortable.

Development Projects

God doesn’t stand still, and He constantly challenges us as a ministry to walk forward in the vision and plans he has. This can mean an expansion of the work or buildings we currently have, to build in greater capacity, or to increase our technological infrastructure to meet modern day audiences with God’s truth. If you feel envisioned by these projects, join us on this journey through your prayers and help.

Select a Centre to Support

Ellel Grange Fundraising

Our international headquarters needs desperate renovations. We also believe the Lord is calling us to new development projects. Find out more and how you can support us.

Ellel Glyndley Manor Fundraising

With such old buildings comes the need to repair the old and develop the new to make our facilities as effective as possible for guests and those coming with deep needs. Please help us with some key projects we are asking your help for.

Ellel Scotland Fundraising

Our remotest centre offers some of the most intimate and powerful times of healing and breakthroughs. But the building requires considerable maintenance investment. There are also plans to expand capacity to help even more people receive healing through this special place.

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