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I came completely broken-hearted and I'm leaving incredibly free having experienced some deep healing.

Ellel Glyndley Manor Guest


The outworking of healed lives ripple out into a broken world, displaying the loving heart of God for us.  We invite you to stand with us, as we demonstrate more of God’s light in the darkness.

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The Lord rescued me from self-sabotage – which came from a place of hurt & anger as a result of continuous rejection. I am His Beloved. I embrace this truth delivered so creatively, prayerfully and lovingly.

Restoration Week Guest

Your gentle and loving reflection of the acceptance and truths of who I am in Jesus has opened a window in my soul to let the sunshine (hope) in. I have bathed in this loving embrace (atmosphere) since I arrived and I feel the deep restoration work being done deep deep down.

Restoration Week Guest

I came here depressed and oppressed, having been involved in occult activities in the past. But now, having attended Ellel Ministries, and having received the in-depth counselling and excellent teaching, I am completely free.

Guest - Jesus Heals Today!

Love being me… being a loved, created, adopted child of God belonging to Him and being in a family is now my identity.

Explore Guest

I came with an agenda and although this was met, the ministry went beyond this and actually got to the REAL root of the problem - not what I had actually expected.


God reached into the pain of my despair and I got to a place where I was able to surrender suicide as an escape route to the Lord and to let go of it.

Explore Guest

This is a tremendous place where I felt safe, so I could be open and trust those praying with me.

Explore Guest

Thank you for an amazing day. The sense of the presence of God as I got out of my car in the car park was tangible and it pervaded the atmosphere throughout the day. Thank you for your generosity in pouring out God's love, for the delicious lunch and for serving us as well as providing such a wonderful relaxing day.

Guest from Reflect

Stubborn areas of sin in my life have been burned away by Christ's powerful presence in my life.

Explore Guest

He has set me free from having to be in control, in lots of areas of my life.


I have learnt a lot, I feel freer in spirit, I have been humbled, I have been healed of a neck and arm injury, released from some generational ties. He is amazing!

Explore Guest

I know now that God loves me - I feel so free I could fly!


I was able to experience the true forgiveness of God for the first time.

Explore Guest

For the first time I realised that God loves me and that I am important to Him.


I have a new walk with Father God, unburdened in a most marvellous way.

Explore Guest

He has been rebuilding my life from the inside out, restoring what was broken so I can live again. He has rebuilt the walls of my broken heart, making them of precious stones!

Explore Guest

We both experienced the blessing of healing of past hurts and trauma.


I arrived with no hope left... Hope has been restored, love refilled, belonging confirmed. The lies have gone, and the light is back and I am determined to walk in His promise!

Explore Guest

I learned that God’s family can be trusted here. I learned that maybe there is hope that not all of God’s family want to hurt and reject you. Thank you for showing me kindness, love, compassion, sensitivity and much more in every area which spoke deeply into my heart.

Guest - Bridge From the Head to the Heart

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Expanding mission work and providing strategic sponsorship opportunities, especially for future teachers & leaders.

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Meeting the costs of team who cover the essential running of the charity.

Dealing with critical building and grounds maintenance across all our UK centres.

Producing unique training resources and literature.

Development of our online streaming and communications for greater reach.

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