Explore is a series of weekend courses designed to train and equip God’s people through a journey of learning, understanding and personal transformation. Ellel Scotland offers each Explore series in three longer events rather than weekends.

What is Explore?

Together we will find that there is hope and help for the issues we struggle with in everyday life – issues of anxiety, stress, physical pain, emotional distress, problems in relationships, addictive behaviour and depression to name just a few.

Those who journey through Explore will grow in their personal relationship with the Lord but also become better equipped to help others as they learn how to minister in the love and power of God to those in need.

Each of the events in the series will include time for worship, biblical teaching, group discussion, activities and opportunity for prayer.

Where is Explore?

Explore courses are run from each of our four UK centres and are held at different times of the year. Choose the centre closest to you for convenient travel. Courses are available at Ellel Grange (Lancashire), Ellel Glyndley Manor (East Sussex), Ellel Pierrepont (Surrey), and Ellel Scotland (Aberdeenshire).

As the course progresses, these weekends become increasingly more special to guests as times of learning, fellowship, worship and prayer. Each centre has their own teaching team, but the Explore teaching content is the same.

Explore offers the opportunity to briefly get away from your every day world, to enjoy the beautiful grounds and surroundings of our centres, and reconnect with God. We have an amazing team that wants to make your stay with us a deeply blessed one.

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Explore is friendly, and is at a pace that suited me. It showed me the way to connect with people in deeper fellowship.

Explore - Anonymous Guest, United Kingdom

Who is Explore for?

It is for people aged 18 to 118! It is for new Christians or those who have been Christians for decades. It does not require any qualifications… all you need is an open heart to the Lord.

Explore is for anyone who…

…desires a deeper, closer and more meaningful relationship with God

…knows there are issues in their life which are holding them back

…wants to understand God’s plan for their own life so they can walk in it

…wants to grow in their understanding of healing so that they can help others

The Explore Courses

Explore courses are split into three main sections starting with Explore A (made up of 10 weekend events). This is the place to start and through Explore A some essential foundations are laid early on which then lead to significant teachings on key issues we face in life such as rejection, forgiveness, fear, inner healing and finding freedom from the strongholds of the enemy.

For those who want to continue the journey, Explore B (made up of a further 10 weekend events) builds on the teaching of Explore A and introduces some more important topics. The final part of the journey is Explore + which is designed specifically for those who feel a heart to minister to others.

Explore is designed to be completed systematically and guests that have gone through Explore A see the life-changing effect it has on them and usually can’t wait for Explore B to start! It’s a journey both with God and with likeminded Christians resulting in precious friendships as the course progresses.

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You can either register for the Full Explore Tour experience, by registering for all the weekend courses (seen as bus stops), or you can just hop on and off during the programme’s Explore journey, taking a course that interests you most. The final stop, the Healing Workshop, is only available to those on the full Explore Tour “tickets”.

Encounter Days

In addition to the encounter times on each event, there will be an optional Encounter Day available during both the Explore A and B series for those on Explore to attend and receive personal prayer ministry. There is no charge for these days and they provide an opportunity to spend an extended period of time alongside our ministry team to talk and pray through issues that the Lord highlights.

I have done various bible and theology courses but the teaching was such that it rooted out things I hadn’t realised I was bound up in. It touched deep in my soul. I’m now helping others who are bound.

Explore - Anonymous Guest, United Kingdom

Which Explore?

Choose from two Explore course options:

WEEKEND EVENTS: A series of weekend events at our 3 centres based in England.

5-DAY EVENTS: Or if longer events suit you better, there is a 3-part Explore Course exclusively available from Ellel Scotland. Each part is run over 5 days.


The following centres run Explore A and B over a series of weekend courses:

Ellel Grange (Lancashire), Glyndley Manor (East Sussex) and Pierrepont (Surrey).


Each Explore weekend will start at 6.00pm with a meal together on Friday evening followed by an evening session of worship and teaching.


There will be a mix of worship and challenging and inspiring teaching sessions alongside opportunity for personal reflection and group discussion time. There will also be an ‘encounter’ session where there will be an opportunity to respond personally to the teaching and to receive prayer ministry from our Ministry Team.

SUNDAY (Optional)

Although the formal programme finishes around 9.00pm on Saturday evening, we highly recommend guests stay until Sunday. This provides a rare and valuable opportunity for rest, personal reflection with the Lord and fellowship. The day will start with a full-English cooked breakfast where a member of our team will share a short devotional message. There will then be time for fellowship or to reflect on the weekend’s teaching with all guests leaving by 11.30am. Please note that there will be an additional cost of just £20 per person to stay overnight. Lunch on Sunday is not provided.


If longer events suit you better, consider joining Explore at Ellel Scotland where they run each Explore series (A and B) over three consolidated events.


Explore A and B are each respectively run over three events:

Event 1 (5-days): Explore A or B 1-3

Event 2 (5-days): Explore A or B 4-6

Event 3 (7-days): Explore A or B 7-10

I have a peace to replace the decades of anger and I have a wonderful growing closeness to God replacing the lost and hurting years. I love and cherish the fellowship of the team and my fellow explorers. I don’t know what else to say but “Thank You”!

Explore - Anonymous Guest


Each Explore event is open to anybody to try out. So, if you are unsure about signing up for the whole series, why not try one. We recommend trying A1-3, so that you can decide if you want to carry on the full experience of the journey with the other “Explorers”.


A special teaching notes and journal booklet will be handed out at the beginning of each Explore course. Each booklet contains the main teaching notes along with questions, activities and scriptures relating to the course topic – all designed to help you continue to grow and receive from the Lord in your own time.

Booking Options & Prices

Weekend Explore Costs

Those who register for the Explore programme will receive a £20 discount on each event in Explore A and B. Once you are registered your discount will be applied at checkout on all Explore courses. Including the £20 discount, residential prices begin at £130 per person per course which includes accommodation, all meals and refreshments and teaching notes.

For those wanting to stay overnight on Saturday to enjoy a cooked breakfast and time for personal reflection on Sunday morning, there will be an additional cost of £20 per person, per event.

3-Part Explore Costs

Residential prices begin at £445 per person per event which includes accommodation, all meals and refreshments and teaching notes. Please note that each event includes the teaching content of 3 weekend courses.

Dates of Explore

Dates at Ellel Grange (Lancashire)

Dates at Ellel Glyndley Manor (E. Sussex)

Dates at Ellel Pierrepont (Surrey)

Dates at Ellel Scotland (Aberdeenshire)

Book Your Place

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We look forward to exploring with you!

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