23rd March 2022

Our Ukraine and the Nations Appeal Update

Dear All,

At the beginning of this terrible war, I sensed God saying to me that we would need a ‘War Chest’ to enable us to minister long term to survivors of this devastating conflict, both in Ukraine and at our Centre in Hungary. So far, the appeal has raised almost £250,000. We are deeply grateful for all our supporters who have contributed to the appeal.

In the Midst of War God is at Work

Today, in the midst of the war, our teams are ministering day-by-day to traumatised people who have fled Kharkiv and the most severe war zones, many with physical injuries and needs as well as broken hearts. Our leader in Poltava writes:

“In spite of all the pain, suffering and grief the Church in Ukraine is experiencing its best times. The hearts of many Ukrainians are open to God. As we minister every day in the church, welcoming refugees, shaking with shock and trauma we hear words like these: “My world is destroyed and stolen. I can’t feel a thing. I’ve been frozen. Inside there is a terrible emptiness, pain and a burnt desert.”

But then they start receiving love and God’s healing and start saying things like: “for us this is paradise” “ I’ve never known people acting like this.” “I will never forget – when victory comes, I want to come back.” 

Today God is using Ellel to minister to Ukraine through His church: He washes feet, provides food, washes clothes, comforts, weeps, binds up wounds – ministers deep inner healing to people whose lives are in ruins.

We feared for the safety of our leader in Mariupol – but yesterday, we heard the wonderful news that she, her immediate family and some members of her church had miraculously escaped the devastation. They left with nothing, and now they face a highly dangerous five-day journey across Ukraine to the Hungarian border, where they will be met by our Hungarian team and taken to our base at Ur Retje, where they will be given rest, comfort, food, clothing and peace as they begin to receive the Lord’s healing for their totally shattered lives. They are so grateful.

Throughout their extreme ordeal they lived for over twenty days in a dark basement, day and night, without electricity, heating, water or light. They soon ran out of candles and were in total darkness day and night. But throughout this time, locked away with thirty unbelievers they prayed, had daily praise times and shared the little food they had with them and helped to take care of their needs. Now we are rejoicing that God has set them free and they are on their way to get healing for themselves, with money for the journey given to them by Ellel Ukraine which came from you, our supporters.

This is only the beginning of the journey of healing and restoration for thousands of God’s people in a nation under genocidal devastation. We are so grateful for your help. To share in the work please give now to our Ukraine and the Nations Appeal.

Our hearts are broken as we apply the words of Isaiah 61:1-3 to the people of Ukraine:

The Lord has sent us to “bind up the broken-hearted, proclaim freedom for the captives, release from darkness for the prisoners – to comfort those who mourn – to provide for those who grieve. In time, God will heal these devastated people and they will become the oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendour.”

Please help us
With love in Christ Jesus

Peter Horrobin
International Director

If you would like to donate to our Ukraine & The Nations Emergency Appeal, you can do so here:


Peter Horrobin By Peter Horrobin

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