11th March 2022

How God is Working in Ukraine

Nina Rotkina, Director of Ellel Ukraine

A special report from Nina Rotkina (Director of Ellel Ukraine)

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First, I want to thank you for your prayers. They really matter. The official news about the war is not the whole truth. The real situation is much, much worse. Every day it gets more and more tough. The number of war victims is increasing with each day.

One of the worst situations is in the city of Kharkiv. A relative there, lay for one and a half hours under bullets, unable to get back to her apartment after going out to buy food for herself and her daughter. God protected her, and now they have left the city and are in a safe place.

we have seen how God cares about His children.

At the same time, we have seen how God cares about His children. There are some amazing real stories coming out of the conflict. The Pastor of a small church in Volnovakha did not feel like fleeing from the city for the first days of the war. But then he heard the Lord saying: “Leave the city immediately”. He took the whole church in two buses, and they left the city. Only a few hours later the Russians completely destroyed the city, including their houses. There is no such place any more – just bare ground. This is not the only case when small cities are completely put to ruins, not just a few houses. There are dozens and dozens of such places.

One of our associates in Kharkiv told how her 10-storey apartment block was bombed and all windows were broken – except for the windows in her apartment. There is a very strong presence of the Lord in this area.

They say they feel someone invisible nearby and experience supernatural protection

We have heard of soldiers in the front-line testifying to supernatural miracles and wonders happening. They say they feel someone invisible nearby and experience supernatural protection when bullets and shells were just flying past. They also tell of unexplained guidance and wisdom in the battles, some feel unusual strength. Someone said that they could see the enemies, even in pitch darkness, and they knew what to do and how to do it, but they were not visible to the Russians. It’s very inspiring indeed!

People’s lives and their sufferings are in the focus of our concern and prayers. The sufferings civilians endure are enormous. Many, many thousands have been killed. Many people are without food and water, trapped in the basements of buildings, under the ruins. They cannot get out themselves, and the rescue service can’t help them, because of constant shelling and bombing.

Where we are in Kremenchug which is currently safe. No missiles, tanks or Russian troops so far. All our church is here, only a few families, out of 400 members, left for Western Ukraine or Poland so far. Today there were 360 people at our prayer meeting. And 6 new converts have been baptised in the water today!

6 new converts have been baptised in the water today!

More and more traumatised people are arriving from Kharkiv. Kremenchug and Poltava now function as cities of refuge. All the churches in our two cities have refitted their buildings as refuge places. But in the churches, the refugees are receiving not only physical care, but they hear about God and they are prayed for.

Lilia, and some of our ministry team members in Poltava, began to minister to the first groups of refugees who survived bombing in Kharkiv. After being prayed for they felt much better. Unbelievers were all happy to be prayed for. God again was faithful! But they all are so traumatised that they are frozen in their emotions.

Yesterday we decided to organise a special group in Poltava of Ellel Associates and Ellel Explore students. They will be ministering specifically to traumatised people from Kharkiv area. Lilia will be a leader of this group.

Our Explore course, with 140 students has been run in Poltava for almost two years. We have had students from all over Ukraine. The next course was to be on how to minister to people in shock and trauma! So, we have compiled a general instruction on how use those precious keys, with a detailed prayer guide showing how to minister into shock and trauma. There is a special social media group for all Explore students – praise God for modern technologies! Isn’t it amazing how God is moving to bring His healing even in such circumstances! Our students will learn ‘on the job’!

Ellel teaching on Healing from the Consequences of Shock and Trauma is extremely relevant here now

There are huge numbers of refugees all over Ukraine and they all need this kind of help. Ellel teaching on ‘Healing from the Consequences of Shock and Trauma’ is extremely relevant here now. It gives the keys to minister quickly and effectively into people’s lives. We published Peter’s book on this subject two years ago. Hundreds of people have got this manual in their hands now!

Please, pray that everybody on the team could hear God’s guidance for their lives at this time. We want to be in the centre of God’s will.

The churches are constantly praying. There is a very strong anointing at prayer meetings. Our Ellel associates live all over Ukraine in the major cities.

Nina Rotkina,
Kremenchug, Ukraine, 7 March 2022


Out of your generous giving we have already sent additional funds to the team in Ukraine and will continue to support those who stay in Ukraine to minister to the people there. What an opportunity to minister the love of Jesus to those who are traumatised through this war. Thank you for your support in this effort.



Nina Rotkina By Nina Rotkina

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