Ellel Ministries International Emergency Appeal for Ukraine & the Nations

Dear Friends,

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is the latest shockwave to hit the world. We stand ready to do all we can to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those impacted.

In other parts of the world there may not be a physical war raging, but there is still great need as people look for hope and healing in Jesus. We are stretched on every front. Please stand with us and respond to this appeal as you are able. The first priority for all funds raised will be Ukraine.

Responding to the Ukrainian Crisis

Many thousands of people have already died in a merciless war being waged against Ukraine and its people by Putin’s Russia.

We have been working in Ukraine for almost thirty years. And we now urgently need your help as the refugee crisis deepens.

We can never forget teaching our conference in Kremenchug, in the early nineteen-nineties. People had travelled from all over Ukraine. It was winter and freezing cold – but God moved in extraordinary power among a people hungry for God. We fell in love with the people and the nation.

Our translator was an amazing young woman called Alyona. Without her we had nothing to say. She became the voice of Ellel on many occasions. She has had to flee her home in Kyiv, with her elderly parents, and with masses of others find a way to board a train to the Hungarian border. There they were met by Ellel team and taken to Úr Rétje, our Hungarian Centre – the hub of Ellel’s work across the whole of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Here’s Alyona’s Story

“I was woken at 5 am by the sound of an explosion . . .  my life was hanging in the balance . . .  my whole body started to shake uncontrollably . . . I will never forget that moment when our lives were instantly changed by the war . . .  the sound of the air raid sirens . . . nights spent in the metro and dirty basement/makeshift bomb shelter with my Mum, Dad and Aunt . . .  we had packed our lives into 2 carry-ons and 3 backpacks . . . we escaped on a train . . . then we crossed into Hungary and were brought to Úr Rétje . . . we are humbled and blessed by so much kindness and generosity . . . we are aching for our beloved Ukraine and worried sick for family and friends . . .  but are grateful beyond words for our escape and the safe harbour the Lord has provided for us at Úr Rétje . . . we choose to trust the One who holds the future in His hands.”

Read The Full Story

Alyona’s Full Story

“Last Thursday I was woken at 5 am by the sound of an explosion, for about 5 minutes my life was hanging in the balance, between fear of the worst and the hope that I was just dreaming. Then I heard another explosion and then another very loud one. My whole body started to shake uncontrollably, there was no more doubt and no more hope.

I will never forget that moment when our lives were instantly changed by the war. We could never have imagined the scale and ferocity of the aggression Ukraine was about to face.

I will never forget the sound of the air raid sirens and the nights we spent in the metro and dirty basement/makeshift bomb shelter. I don’t know how long my elderly parents and aunt would have lasted if we had not escaped.

When I discovered we could leave Kyiv by train and come to Úr Rétje, I felt a glimmer of hope. We had to flee quickly and be light-handed to get through the crowds of frightened people at the station. We had packed our lives into 2 carry-ons and 3 backpacks and left as soon as the curfew was lifted on Monday, Feb.28th.

God was with us every step of the way, giving us favour as we boarded the train and crossed into Hungary. On March 1st we were brought to Úr Rétje and welcomed by our Ellel friends as if we were royalty! A house had been made ready for us, warm and cosy, with delicious, home-cooked gulyash!

We are so humbled and blessed by so much kindness and generosity. Although we are aching for our beloved Ukraine and worried sick for family and friends still facing danger, being here in the Lord’s Meadow, surrounded by the beauty of His creation, hearing the birds sing and breathing in the fresh spring air is so healing for our souls.

We are grateful beyond words for our escape and the safe harbour the Lord has provided for us at Úr Rétje. My parents are growing in their faith, and gaining strength to bear whatever the future may hold, as we choose to trust the One who holds the future in His hands.”

First Refugees

Alyona and her family were the first refugees to arrive at our centre, but there will be many more. We know and have worked with many people across Ukraine and have taken the decision to open up Úr Rétje as a place of refuge and welcome for them at the Centre, if they have to flee the conflict.

Ellel’s Head Office has committed to cover all the costs of looking after those who come as refugees to Úr Rétje. And support in whatever way we can those who are trapped in Ukraine and are unable to leave.

In the last thirty years we have conducted over 60 schools and training conferences across Ukraine. We have many friends there. We have no idea how many will come to Úr Rétje, but we are ready to be a ‘city of refuge’ for God’s people and are asking if you would join with us in supporting this mission. Before long, the priceless healing work of Ellel in Ukraine will be needed more than ever. It’s vital that the work is preserved for a time that is yet to come.

Tens of thousands of Jewish people in Ukraine are also now wanting to flee the country. Úr Rétje could also become a temporary haven for those making Aliyah in accord with a number of prophecies over Úr Rétje when we first bought the land.

News from the Warzone

Anya, who oversees the Russian speaking work of Ellel, lives in Kherson, a southern city of Ukraine, now under Russian control after days of heavy shelling and ground battles. Nobody is allowed in or out of the city, including for supplies of food and medicine, so the shops are running out. There are long queues for the remaining bread and medication. The local radio station is being used by the Russians to spread lies and propaganda.

Despite the intense difficulties, Anya has continued to run Ellel’s livestream Zoom teaching to the Russian speaking nations and has herself been teaching on Forgiveness from her home to Russians on our current Ellel School near Siberia, where over fifty delegates from five different nations are taking part. No-one knows if and when she will be able to move to safety.

Listen now to Anya’s account:

A war zone message from one of our Ellel Ukraine Leaders, Anya, who is presently beseiged by Russian troops in Kherson:

Ellel Ministries · Anya 6 3 2022 Edit


Video Footage from Anya

Meeting the wider need in the nations

We want to do everything we possibly can for Ukraine and Eastern Europe, and the priority for funds raised in this appeal will go to support the Ukrainian crisis. However, we do not want to deprive the work in other parts of the world and so this appeal will also enable us to continue the essential work of the international head office in supporting the wider work of the ministry. We directly support the works of Ellel Ministries in Central and Eastern Europe, Israel, the Arab nations, Africa and China and also provide vital support for all other centres around the world. Your giving will have far reaching impact around the world.

We Need Your Help Now


Scripture urges us to help those in need. Jesus said, “whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” The story of the Good Samaritan says it all. We must ‘cross the road’ to help our brethren. We have no idea what the eventual need will be or for how long it will need to be given, but of one thing we are certain it will be considerable. And we want to be ready for whatever the Lord asks of us.

Please help us to help others – especially those who right now are the war-torn victims of Ukraine’s devastation. You can give securely on this page. Or send a cheque (payable to Ellel Ministries) to:

Ellel International Appeal 2022, Ellel Grange, Bay Horse, Lancaster, LA2 0HN, UK.

You can also make a bank transfer using the following details:

Bank name: National Westminster Bank
Bank address: NatWest Bank, 68 Church Street, Lancaster, LA1 1LN, UK
Account name: The Christian Trust
Sort code: 01-54-90
Account number: 64652807

For International Bank Transfers:
IBAN number: GB43 NWBK 01549064652807
BIC/Swift code: NWBKGB2L

Thank you so much for your support – we really appreciate whatever you are able to give at this critical time.

In the love of Christ,

Peter Horrobin
International Director

Thank you for your support!

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