6th June 2024

Special Ukrainian Healing Weeks at Ellel Hungary

Tamas Kovacs reports on the latest Ukrainian Healing Week at Ellel Hungary

The 5th Healing Week for Ukrainians is over and we have already started preparations for the next one in July!

This time it gathered 40 people from all over Ukraine, as well as Ukrainians from Denmark, Poland, Russia, UK, Germany, USA and guests from Israel, Bulgaria and Slovenia too. We came together around Christ in our Ellel centre, Ur Retje, Hungary, where we were able to dive in into God’s presence, peace and healing.

It was a very emotional meeting for some of us as many hadn’t seen one another since the war began. I was reminded of stories from the 2nd World War when families and friends were divided and reunited. It’s hard to believe that we live in this reality.

As the war rages in Ukraine, losses rage too. This time we received guests who not only lost their homes in currently occupied territories but also lost husbands who were in army, fathers and children, in war.

God was restoring and strengthening our hearts for times ahead as most people went back to Ukraine to continue the mission (some in war zones in the east and south). A lot of church leaders came from Ukraine this time and testified about being equipped to serve in a more effective way.

Oksana (Ukrainian from Crimea) came to support the creativity sessions as she is a professional artist and architect. In combination with her heart, her gifts brought so much richness into creativity. Those who never painted before experienced joy and healing and loved the process.

Here are some testimonies from our guests…

  • I’m very thankful for the financial support that I received and was able to come to this retreat. I had a wound in my heart that I received from someone that we were serving together with. It tormented me for a year and a half. God brought to the end this torment here and taught me how to help others in a more effective way.
  • I experienced peace.
  • I received peace and quietness into my heart.
  • I received healing from the consequences of trauma
  • God worked with my heart in a very deep way, showed roots and dealt with it.
  • I experienced freedom, joy and victory in Jesus.
  • I entered the process of real forgiveness. It brought me peace. I experienced an enormous amount of love from the group. God’s love filled my heart through them. I received more understanding about being One Body of Christ.
  • God changed my view of Him. I came rejected and couldn’t receive His love. This wall is broken, praise the Lord!
  • I experienced pain and betrayal from believers. God helped me to release.
  • I received healing and comfort.
  • I received a much more understanding of how the spiritual world works.
  • I’m restored in soul and body.
  • I experienced personal transformation and strengthening in faith.
  • I came with deep wounds. Now I’m healed.
  • God healed my emotions.
  • I had an encounter with God every day. God gave me peace that was stolen for a long time. God reminded me about His love through people every day.
  • God changed my heart.
  • God taught me to trust Him more.
  • The words that I heard came very deep into my heart and gave me strength to forgive.
  • God gave me freedom from self-pity as I lost my husband. Today I’m able to refocus and thank God that my husband is with Him.
  • I received physical and mental healing

Thank you very much to all who stand with us with words, finances, practical help and praying for us. Please continue standing with us in prayer. We live in a very turbulent times and need God as never before to give us peace, guidance and heal our land. With lots of love, all 40 of us!

Thank you for your amazing support which has enabled all this to happen.

Join with us in our 2024 appeal which, among other things, will allow us to continue supporting this vital mission work in Hungary where they also continue to house Ukrainian refugees.

Ellel Ministries By Ellel Ministries

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