Church Visits

Very few pastors need convincing they have people in need of healing in their church! Yet this need can be overwhelming and can become a burden too big to carry.

Our heart is to draw alongside pastors and churches to help them impart the vital message of healing and discipleship so they can grow effectively as a united body. Church Visits provide the opportunity to bring an Ellel Ministries team into your local church or regional setting to do just this.

We will coordinate with the pastor / leader to tailor the event to what is right for the congregation. This will include relevant teaching on healing and discipleship and offer some time of personal ministry. Some churches prefer the focus to be on individual healing needs, others are looking to equip their prayer ministry teams or it could be a combination of both.

The Format

There is no set format for a Church Visit and each event is tailored to the particular needs of your local area. A typical Church Visit would usually consist of a one-day conference but could be longer and include evening meetings and/or involvement in the Sunday church services.

Initially, we would recommend holding an introductory event so that the foundation concepts of healing and discipleship can be shared and then built upon by the church or even with subsequent visits from Ellel. For some, there may be a specific topic that is relevant to the needs within the church that could be focussed on.

A typical Church Visit would also include a time of ministry so that people can respond to the teaching. This would normally be led from the front initially but could then be opened up for further ministry if a prayer ministry team is available.

The Cost

There is no formal charge for a Church Visit, yet we do request that our costs are covered which includes traveling expenses, food and accommodation (if required) for the Ellel team. You are more than welcome to charge attendance fees to church visits to cover these costs.

We do request that a love-offering be taken for the work of Ellel Ministries and that a table be provided so that we can bring books and other resources to sell.

All bookings, administration and advertising for church visits is to be undertaken by the host church. If you require any logos, photographs or copy text for advertising and publicity, please contact the relevant Ellel Centre.

What Next?

If you are a church leader and would like to host a church visit, or if you would like to find out more about how Ellel Ministries can resource your church, please contact your nearest Ellel Ministries centre.

Questions to consider when contacting us:

  • What is the main goal for the visit (personal healing, training ministry team or combination)?
  • What kind of format? – Length, include Sunday service, evenings etc.
  • Date options – please be ready with more than one date! Our teaching teams are very busy so forward planning is a big help.
  • Numbers – A rough idea of attendee numbers helps us bring the right number of team.
  • Focussed topics – Please let us know what topics you think are pertinent to the attendees.

Booking a Speaker for a Conference

If you are looking to book a speaker for a conference, please click through the section below:

We are delighted to be asked to speak at churches, conference and other Christian events and have highly experienced teachers who would be a great addition to your line-up of speakers.  

Who Will Speak?

The Cost

Requesting a Speaker

Get in touch

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  • Please include some information about the church, why you are hoping to have a church visit and what you hope it will achieve.

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