Building a Ministry Team

As a pastor or leader, trying to meet the demands for help within the church can be overwhelming. Having a team of trained people to help meet these demands can make a huge difference to the congregation, the church as a whole and to the pastor and leadership team.

We believe that a well-trained prayer ministry team is a vital component of a local church, providing a safe place for those in need to find real help and healing for the issues in their lives.

As a ministry, we have years of experience in establishing and developing prayer ministry teams and are committed to assistant churches in their purpose to be the ones who sit on the frontline of helping people with their needs and struggles.

Having known Ellel for a number of years I have found them to be big hearted, biblically driven and passionate about transformation and inner healing. Ellel offer a range of courses and workshops in incredibly beautiful surroundings and see their role as serving God's people and the local church.

Steve Karma, Pastor - United Kingdom

Options to consider

Call Your Local Centre

We would love to talk to you about the needs of your church/organisation and how we can support you and your ministry team best.

Church Visit

Bring an Ellel Ministries team into your local church or regional setting to offer training. This can be tailored to where your needs are, from starting at ministry team to understanding deeper healing issues.

Training at our Centres

Ellel Ministries holds a wide variety of training events which range from one day in length to a full year programme. Some events are specific in their content and others offer a broader approach. Some are aimed specifically at prayer ministry training. You can find out more about the short courses here and about the in-depth training events here.

Books, Audio and Video

Ellel Ministries has a wide variety of resources available which offer excellent teaching on many subjects. Check out our online store for more information.

Online Resources

We currently offer limited online teaching and training but are working hard at increasing our online training facilities. Sign up here to keep notified of new teaching.

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