Peter Horrobin is the Founder and former International Director of Ellel Ministries. Ellel Ministries International was originally established in 1986 as a ministry of healing for the north-west of England.

About Peter Horrobin

Following Peter’s founding of Ellel Ministries, the work so grew that within a short time there were centres all over the world. By 2017 the work was established in over thirty different countries and students who have trained with Ellel Ministries are working on every continent and in well over fifty different countries.

The complete story of Peter’s life and ministry is now told in his book Strands of Destiny published in December 2017 by Sovereign World.

Books by Peter Horrobin

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Forgiveness – God’s Master Key

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Comfort From God’s Heart

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Journey to Freedom Book 1 – Building on the Rock

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Peter's shortened biographical history

The following biographical details are a brief summary of the ground covered in his book, Strands of Destiny.

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Short Biographical History of Peter Horrobin

Family Background

Peter was born in 1943 in Bolton, Lancashire, and was later brought up in Blackburn, also in the north of England.  He has remained a life-long supporter of Blackburn Rovers Football Club.

His parents gave him a firm Christian foundation for life with a strong evangelical emphasis.  His early grounding in the scriptures was to equip him for future ministry.  After living in the south for a while he eventually returned to his native county after periods of time spent in Surrey, Oxford and Manchester.


After graduating from Oxford University with a degree in chemistry, he spent a number of years in College and University lecturing, before leaving the academic environment for the world of business.

He founded his own publishing and bookselling companies and then, after fifteen years of writing, publishing and bookselling, the doors opened for the ministry to be established at Ellel Grange, a country house just outside the City of Lancaster.  Throughout his university and business career Peter had known that he was only ‘marking time’ until his true calling, into some form of Christian ministry, would come to fruition.

The Call to Ministry

Peter first knew this calling as a young teenager, but he had to wait nearly thirty years before his life’s work was to begin!  In his twenties he started to restore a vintage sports car (an Alvis Speed 20), but discovered that its chassis was bent.  As he looked at the broken vehicle, wondering if it could ever be repaired, he sensed God asking him a question, “You could restore this broken car, but I can restore broken lives. Which is more important?”

It was obvious that broken lives were more important than broken cars.  So, in 1970, the beginnings of a vision for seeing people healed and restored was birthed in his heart.

He prayed daily into this vision for over ten years before God brought it into being.  Many Christian leaders affirmed the vision and gave it their support.  Since then a hallmark of Peter’s ministry has been his willingness to step out in faith and see God move to fulfil His promises, often in remarkable ways.

The Work of Ellel Ministries

After the establishment of a Prayer Support Group, the purchase of Ellel Grange was completed in November 1986.  Since then Ellel Ministries has grown very steadily – there is now a full-time team of over 300 people, running a continuous series of healing retreats and training courses and schools in all the Ellel Centres around the world.  (See the Ellel Ministries page for further information.)

Under Peter’s leadership the world-wide teaching and ministry team has seen God move dramatically in many people’s lives to bring salvation, hope, healing and deliverance.  Through them, and in a relatively short period of time, God has built a work of international significance.  The work is a faith ministry, depending totally on donations and income from training courses for maintaining and extending the work.

Ellel 365 was a major online training programme that was developed and pioneered by Peter for Ellel Ministries. The new edition of Ellel 365 has now been relaunched as Journey to Freedom and is available both in a 8-part series of large format paperback books and also for free via the online programme.

Marriage and Family

Peter was first married in 1968.  It was a great sadness and disappointment to him that this marriage irretrievably broke down.  This was eventually followed by divorce after five years of living apart.  The work, however, continued to be blessed by God and survived those very testing days with the help of a very dedicated team of committed workers.

Peter is, and always has been, a staunch believer in the sanctity of marriage and some of the erroneous reports about the circumstances of his divorce and later re-marriage, were based on hearsay, ignorance of the facts and distortion of the truth.  Sadly, they have been used by some to try and undermine the integrity of his life and ministry.

Peter married Fiona, who had also gone through the trauma of a painful divorce, in December 1994.  Through their marriage God has brought great healing to them both and they have been privileged to serve the Lord together ever since in the leadership of Ellel Ministries.

Their four children are all involved in Christian work, two of them working full-time in different sectors of Ellel Ministries.

Peter and Fiona now travel and write extensively to support and encourage the different Ellel teams and the ongoing development of the work.  Together they teach and minister on many different aspects of healing and discipleship.

Other Interests

Outside of Ellel Ministries, Peter was the originator and one of the compilers of the amazingly successful and popular Mission Praise, the first volume of which was originally compiled for Billy Graham’s Mission England in 1984.  The 25th Anniversary Edition of Mission Praise was published in July 2009.

Peter is also an enthusiast for fishing and Alvis cars. He still hopes, one day, to see the Alvis Speed 20, through which God gave him the vision for his life work, restored and back on the road!  His Complete Catalogue of British Cars, which was first published in 1975, has long been the standard reference work on the history and technical specification of every model of every make of British car, manufactured between 1895 and 1975!  During his years in academic life he also wrote and edited books of specialist technical interest about different aspects of building science and technology.

Through her pioneering work in seeing how God can bring great healing through the rediscovery of people’s creative gifting, Fiona herself discovered a talent for water-colour painting.  Some of her paintings have now been turned into art cards and can be seen and purchased at

About Peter's Teaching

Peter Horrobin’s simple but powerful teaching style has endeared many to pursue the wealth of Biblical resources he has produced over a life time. He has pioneered the work of Ellel Ministries from both the pulpit and the prayer closet, inspiring the Church to embrace faith for dramatic inner and physical healings. With a passion to reach the broken, the damaged and the needy, Peter’s times in deep prayer ministry for countless individual lives has resulted in many, in Christ’s name, being delivered from demonic powers, released from generational curses, and set free from addictions, phobias, fears and destructive mindsets and depression. At the core of this ministry practice, pioneered by Peter, is the absolute conviction that Jesus Christ is the healer and redeemer. The restoration of God’s order in a person’s life is Peter’s objective as this is the foundation for both healing and discipleship.

Teaching Resources by Peter Horrobin

Peter continues to teach, preach and minister into peoples lives across the world, and now uses a wealth of media opportunities to do so. See below some of his many resources available.

Peter's Calling

When the Lord first called Peter to establish a ministry of healing and discipleship, it began with a challenge in his garage. He was restoring a 1933 Alvis car, but the chassis was so bent he wondered how on earth he could repair what seemed unrepairable. It was then that the Lord spoke to him in the garage: “You could restore this broken car, but I can restore broken lives. Which is more important? Broken cars or broken people?” It was a question that led Peter to establish what we now know as Ellel Ministries, a network of centres around the world that provide a safe and secure place for individuals to receive deep healing in their lives, and to also receive training so they can minister to others.

How Ellel Ministries Began

Peter’s story is remarkable, and you can read an introduction to how Ellel’s story began clicking the button below, and watch the “Restored to Run” video, where Peter shares his first hand account of that encounter with God in the garage, as he was restoring a broken car.

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The Story of Ellel Ministries

It started with a car…

It all started with a car; a 1933 Alvis Speed 20 Sports Tourer and a young English man called Peter Horrobin who loved classic cars. He especially loved old Alvis cars, but he couldn’t imagine being able to afford a Speed 20 of his own. Not until one glorious day in 1970, when a friend from the Alvis Owners Club phoned to ask, “Would you like to buy an Alvis Speed 20 for £50?” Oh yes he would!

But why was it so cheap? Well, unfortunately it had been stolen, crashed, vandalised, set on fire and dumped in the River Mersey! But the friend had arranged its rescue, recognising it for the special car that it was, even in that broken state.

Peter was thrilled to purchase his own Alvis Speed 20 and began to strip down the car to the bare chassis. At about 4.00am one morning, after a night working in the garage, he made an awful discovery – the chassis was bent. The car could never be driven safely with a bent chassis and he began to think that he would never be able to restore this lovely old car. And then, out of the blue, at that moment of terrible realisation, Peter became very aware of God speaking to him, there in the garage.

Cars or people?

Quite clearly, Peter heard the Lord say “You could restore this broken car, but I can restore broken lives. Which is more important? Broken cars or broken people?” Peter wanted to say the broken car! But he knew that was the wrong answer! His compassionate heart responded to what God was saying and he never forgot the moment when God said to him “I can restore broken lives”.

Over the next ten years or so, he ran his own publishing company and among other things became Chairman of the local Inter-Church Fellowship. As a child Peter had sensed a call from God to serve Him in full-time ministry, but somehow the Lord didn’t seem to open any doors or lead him to be ordained. He even started to wonder if he had missed the destiny God had for his life.

Then one day he received another phone call. The caller was another member of the Inter-Church Fellowship – Sister Aine. She needed his advice. A woman had come to her at the hospice where she worked who was terribly distressed. Sister Aine didn’t know how to help. Peter agreed to come but the poor woman was sobbing so much that she couldn’t speak, so neither Peter nor Sister Aine had any idea what the real problem was.

However, as they prayed, God supernaturally revealed to Peter the exact nature of the problem and the distressed lady was amazed. They were able to pray for her effectively and she received both God’s healing touch and a glorious reassurance that the Lord really did know her and care for her. She had begun her journey of healing.

As Peter drove home that night, he again sensed the Lord speaking to him, saying “I want you to spend the rest of your life bringing healing to those in need and teaching others how to do the same”. In that moment he also remembered the night when God had spoken to him with the Alvis and suddenly it all began to make sense. It was the same voice. The call of God was unmistakable.

Are you willing?

He started to pray about the vision God had given but immediately encountered a problem. He couldn’t pray! It was as if heaven had suddenly closed its gates and prayer was no longer possible. After some time of frustration, he eventually came to the end of his own efforts and heard the still small voice of the Father saying, “Before I can let you pray into this vision, you need to know that walking with me in obedience may cost you everything you have and everything you are. Are you willing?” Slowly, step by step, the Lord took him through every area of his life – home, family, possessions, status, reputation, hobbies etc. God did not say he would lose any of these; He just asked whether he was willing to. It was only when victory had been won in every area that he was at peace and able to start praying about the call to bring healing to God’s people.

Praying every day

From that point on Peter prayed every day about the vision. He studied the Scriptures diligently, seeking for a biblical understanding of how to bring God’s healing. As he studied, he identified many of God’s key principles for healing, such as forgiving those who harm us, repentance from sin, God’s acceptance of us as his children, God’s heart for restoring us after failure, a Christian’s spiritual armour for protection and so on.

As Peter continued to seek God, a committed group of people eventually gathered regularly to pray with him for the establishment of this healing ministry which God had called him into. As they prayed, they felt the Lord wanted a Christian healing centre to be established in the northwest of England – and this vision burned in their hearts as they prayed for it year after year.

A home for the Ministry

The vision was finally realised in 1986 when agreement was reached with the owners to buy a large country house near Lancaster, called Ellel Grange. An appeal went out and many churches and individuals responded with gifts and loans.

One couple who knew nothing about Peter’s vision were given their own vision about a healing ministry that was going to be established in the area. The Lord showed them individually what the building looked like and they made their own drawings. But their drawings were completely different!  The next morning a copy of the Ellel Grange appeal brochure arrived in the post showing the very building they had drawn on paper. The wife’s vision had been of the rear of Ellel Grange while her husband’s had been of the front!
There were a number of such stories, including a lady who had a vision of the chimneys. She saw thick black smoke pouring out of them. God told her that the smoke represented all the dirt and mess He was going to clean out of people’s lives through the ministry that would take place there. Her vision was so detailed and specific that she drove all the way to Ellel Grange to compare the real chimneys with those God had shown her. They were exactly the same!

The team were greatly encouraged by these confirmations and continued to pray. On the completion date, when the full amount had to be paid to buy Ellel Grange, Peter sat at his desk to find out whether he had enough money. He could hardly believe what he saw! On one side of his piece of paper was a list of everything needed for the purchase, together with all the expenses to date, and on the other side was all the income received from gifts and loans. The income exceeded the costs by just £6! God had done it, Ellel Grange was purchased, and the work of Ellel Ministries started with great rejoicing on 31 October 1986.

God interviews the team!

A healing ministry needs people to counsel, pray and love those who come. Once the small team had settled in, it was time to invite those who had expressed an interest in being part of the ministry team to come for an interview. A special training and selection weekend was held in February 1987.

Peter had been studying the book of Nahum in his devotions and as he walked down the staircase at Ellel Grange to speak at the Sunday morning service, the Lord spoke and said, “It’s the book of Nahum this morning”. Peter had planned to speak on something else, but he put that aside and taught from Nahum, which is not a well-known book of the Bible, but it does contain key lessons about spiritual warfare, such as Nahum 1:3 (GNB) “Where the Lord walks, storms arise.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Holy Spirit fell on the place. People started to weep in repentance, putting their lives right with a holy God. Others cried out or fell on the floor and received deliverance and healing. For some it was a time of deep intimacy with the Lord, when He called them into the ministry. God’s presence was so strong and so heavy on them that many couldn’t do anything but respond to Him for many hours.

Some people arrived late, unaware of what had been happening. But before they could get to the meeting room they were on their knees in the foyer, crying out to God. The people in the kitchen couldn’t make the lunch because of the presence of God! It seemed like something out of the day of Pentecost – God was cleansing and preparing His people.

It was well into the night before God’s holy presence lifted, although for days afterwards people who came into Ellel Grange could sense that something significant had happened. Almighty God had sent his fire to cleanse His people from the inside out. No interviews were needed! There were some who felt uncomfortable with this experience and chose not to come back, but those whom the Lord was calling to the ministry received their own commissioning from Him and knew they were called. God had done the selection of the initial ministry team His way and put His seal on the ministry. It was a dramatic and unforgettable weekend.

Finding the keys

The team of prayer ministers which formed that day started a journey in which there were many, many blessings, but also many trials and tests. They learned much from others already experienced in the healing ministry and through perseverance and faithful resilience they also learned their own lessons in how to set people free. The Lord revealed keys to healing through their patient, persistent work with one person at a time.  There were victories and failures. There were times when they wanted to give up. But they refused to accept that anyone’s problem could be too hard for God, however deeply broken the person was.

Eventually there were major breakthroughs. The Lord showed them where the keys could be found in His Word for deep healing of individuals and how to apply them. These were shared with God’s people through training courses and, later, on longer-term residential schools. New Centres were started in the UK and then around the world in response to the requests from people who said “we need this ministry where we live!” As more keys were found, the number of courses increased, books were written and even an online training programme called Ellel 365 was developed. These hard-won keys for personal freedom can be yours too.

What happened to the Alvis?

What about the Alvis? Was it dumped? Certainly not! Peter wrote to the manufacturers and obtained a copy of the blueprint from which the car was produced. Using this he was able to get the chassis heat-treated, straightened and restored. Peter’s time was largely taken up by the ministry, but he still managed to work on his beloved Alvis occasionally.

God restores people in the same way – we may believe there isn’t too much wrong with us, or we may even think we’ve been broken beyond repair. But our Father has the blueprint. He made you and He knows how to restore every part of you. It may take time, it may cost something, but each person is far more precious to God than Peter’s Alvis car was to him. The Alvis is just a picture of God’s desire to restore you, even if you are not in great shape right now! He gets right to the foundations, to the roots of the problem. He rescues, He restores and He makes new. One day Peter hopes to drive his restored Alvis on a tour of Ellel Ministries centres, but just now, together with the rest of the team, he’s busier seeing God restore people!

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