Healing from the Consequences of Accident, Shock and Trauma

Peter Horrobin

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Traumatic events leave a scar on broken lives. Unhealed trauma is one of the primary reasons why some people do not easily heal from the consequences of accidents or sudden shocks. This ground-breaking book is the culmination of thirty years of experience praying for such people.

Peter carefully explains what trauma can do to people and how to pray for healing.

This foundational teaching has been instrumental in bringing permanent healing to people all over the world. It is an essential manual for those who regularly pray for people.  This is a life-transforming handbook for those wh...

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14 reviews for Healing from the Consequences of Accident, Shock and Trauma

  1. shiny

    Well researched and helpful. Those 30 years experience from the author show in the book.

  2. KEVIN C

    Vintage Peter Horrobin! Decades of ministry experience and tons of Godly wisdom and revelation have been condensed into this book, leading to an outstanding resource filled with hope.

    The close inter-relationship between the body, soul and spirit, types of trauma, and the unseen effects of trauma (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) are clearly explained. The effects of past trauma could manifest as physical, emotional or mental illness, and effective treatment requires healing from the trauma. The author explains how this is done, and provides numerous stories from ministry, where night to day transformations have occurred in a person. He explains how unforgiveness is the number one obstacle to healing. The need to forgive is sensitively but comprehensively explained.

    Some books you discard after you read, but this is one you will treasure and re-read.

  3. Lorna Miller

    So many people need healing. This book introduces real Biblical truth about the healing process Jesus taught us to follow.
    Peter Horrobin demonstrates his willingness and obedience to Gods direction in the healing of others.
    This book brings true credence to the power of forgiveness as the underpinning requirement for healing in all circumstances, accident, shock and trauma.

  4. Anon

    I would recommend this book. Simply yet powerfully written and so needed at this time.
    Jesus Christ can bring healing to the hurts in the very deepest parts of us which then can enable our physical illnesses to be healed.

  5. Thomas Downes

    I loved the real world testimonies, and the practical teaching on the way to find freedom. There is such joy in hearing how God continues to heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free. I am encouraged and challenged to be used by God to be part of what He continues to do in this world.

  6. Anon

    I choose this book because I was heavily injured in 3 motor vehicle accidents. I had had much prayer never felt free from fear of getting hurt when others were the driver instead of me. After reading this book and praying I feel safe and free.

  7. Anon


  8. A. W. Fillingham

    Briliiant book. Everyone should read it

  9. JSink

    Absolutely great book!

  10. Brenda O

    Everything, I like Peter Horrobib’s writing style it’s really easy to read and comprehend, great book.

  11. Zoriana

    I am so glad I came across this book! It gave me the answers I’ve been looking for. Well written, easy to read, very informative and very practical. So grateful for it!

  12. DoodleBug

    I love Peter Horrobin and this book is a real treasure! It explains clearly what happens to us when we experience shock and or trauma and how to deal with things that have happened to us in the past using a biblical approach. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is Christian and want to grow in their spiritual life. His writing is easy to read and the stories are great examples of what he is trying to convey.

  13. Randy Williams

    Very insightful on the damage trauma has on not just our physical but also our soul and spirit.

  14. JillyM

    This is an excellent book which I know I will reread and dip into many times. It is a source of much needed wisdom. Also of great importance to me is the fact that it is bible based and completely in line with God’s word. I believe that all who read this book will be greatly blessed.

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Peter Horrobin

Peter Horrobin

Peter Horrobin is the Founder of Ellel Ministries International, which began in 1986 as a ministry of healing in the north-west of England. The work is now established in over thirty-five different countries, providing teaching, training and personal ministry opportunities. ( After graduating from Oxford University with a degree in Chemistry, Peter spent a number of years lecturing in College and University, before leaving the academic environment for the world of business. Here he founded a series of successful publishing and bookselling companies. In his twenties he started to restore a vintage sports car (an Alvis Speed 20) but discovered that its chassis was bent. As he looked at the broken vehicle, wondering if it could ever be repaired, he sensed God asking him a question, "You could restore this broken car, but I can restore broken lives. Which is more important?" It was obvious that broken lives were more important than broken cars and so the beginnings of a vision for healing and restoration was birthed in his heart. A hallmark of Peter's ministry has been his willingness to step out in faith and see God move to fulfil His promises, often in remarkable ways. His book, Strands of Destiny, tells many of the amazing stories of what God has done in the past thirty years. To keep in touch with Peter’s occasional topical writings, scriptural insights and comments on national and international events, please subscribe to his Blog at Peter has written many books including The Complete Catalogue of British Cars. And for the past thirty-five years he has been the editor of Mission Praise, one of the largest-selling hymn and song books in the UK and originally compiled for the visit of Billy Graham in 1984. In this season of their lives, Peter, and his wife Fiona are concentrating on writing so that all their knowledge and experience can be made permanently available in book form through Sovereign World Ltd and other publishers around the world. His book Healing Through Deliverance is now a Christian classic. See Peter Horrobin's page for more information.


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