Forgiveness – God’s Master Key

Pray the Most Powerful Prayer on Earth!

Peter Horrobin

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Forgiveness is key to the restoration of our relationship with God. It is also key to healing from the consequences of hurtful, damaging human relationships. From the Cross, Jesus prayed these dramatic words to God, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.’ Learning to pray this powerful prayer is the beginning of a lifetime’s adventure with God!  This book is one of the most outstanding and concise available on the subject of forgiveness.

69 reviews for Forgiveness – God’s Master Key

  1. FreeSpirit

    I’ve also known the previous edition and it works. It is really a master key for a happy and free life, but it is a lot of work to perform it in practice and it is necessary to work on this topic. Forgiveness sounds easy, but real foregivness is a long lasting process, nothing that can be done within one or two days. – Very important is also the passage that foregiveness does not mean to trust again: In some cases I can forgive, but that does not mean automatically that I also have to trust again. – In principle related to the Christian religion, but the content works for all, independent if a person believes in the holy bible or not

  2. Gladys

    Everyone should read this book.You will learn a lot.It sure taught me a lot.Your way of living should be better after reading it.It is very helpful.Lives can be changed.I loved the book.

  3. Harry Smith

    One of the best books on Forgiveness I had ever ready. I keep buying them and giving them to people – such. Key issues for so many people today. There is freedom available in these pages.

  4. Hattie Y. Riddick

    The material is freedom to the spirit and soul on forgiveness, a command, not just a choice. A rich tool to those I will help to council.

  5. Kay Branch

    Thoughtfully written. I gave it to someone I care about, book-marking the last section which told true stories of ordinary people whose experienced sudden turn-arounds in serious health conditions. The only change was that they decided to forgive someone who had harmed them! This illustrates the reality of the mind/body connection and the truth that forgiving others gives ME the gift of freedom and health!

  6. Mr. William H. Dickie

    This book is exactly what it says WOW easy to read when your struggling. God knows what we need Praise God. I have read this before going to a healing retreat, every bit of this book will lock a door from the past and open a new one for God’s plans for my life to come to pass.

  7. Stella Hung

    Highly recommended for all Christians. Non- Christians may also be interested in reading it, particularly those suffering from depression and problems.

  8. Greg

    I loved the book
    Although it made me realise how hard it is to be a real Christian
    Total Forgiveness is the hardest test for us all

  9. Bruce G.

    I read this and went on a Healing retreat to Ellel Ministries as the book mentions in testimonies. Jesus restored the foundations of my being in him. The book in profoundly simple but also deep at the same time.

  10. Alison Scarborough

    The battle for forgiveness is made so much more easy with this book. Simple, biblical, with lovely faith building examples to help us to graps deep truth.

  11. bookok

    It good book

  12. Samuel Boakye


  13. Anon

    Awesome book

  14. Logisamfishing

    Very Nice

  15. donB23

    Everyone should read this book. Forgiveness is one of the most overlooks aspects of being a Christian. Want a great example look no further than to what Jesus said on the cross.

  16. Mr C.

    Wonderful Biblical truth, expressed so clearly and powerfully. Every believer needs to read this book and apply the principle of forgiveness in their lives to experience true healing and freedom in Christ.

  17. Anon

    This book is an eyeopener.

  18. Anon

    This book helped me in more ways than one. And it helped me and my boyfriend forgive those who truly hurt us. Thank you so much Mr. Horrobin.

  19. egantol

    Easy to read and absolutely to the point. Will be useful to use for a counselling client I have.

  20. Sarah Williams

    great book, highly recommend

  21. Wendy/Ralph

    Great read!

  22. Angela


  23. fran

    This is truly a great book that I didn’t think applied to me, how wrong I was. A lot of forgiving I still had to do. Can honestly say am so much better today for reading this book and working through forgiveness

  24. Randy Williams

    Great read! The key to all healing.

  25. L

    Great book and the best I’ve read so far re forgiveness.

  26. Anon

    Excellent book- helps address wrongly held beliefs about what forgiveness really means to us and to others. Life changing!

  27. Vicki Gerken

    Most important book you’ll ever read. Title of book is Gods truth

  28. lrm

    I recommend this book to everyone! These truths are life changing, freeing and healing!

  29. R S Martin

    A most fantastic journey into the heart of God through this Holy Spirit anointed book. It does indeed show the vital master key needed for inner release and peace with God through the act of forgiveness. The effects are so far reaching into our own and others’ lives that my simple prayer for the reader is that your life and the lives of others you pray for would be wonderfully restored and healed in God as he gives you the love Grace and mercy to use this master key to open prison doors. Amen. Thank you Peter for carrying God’s words of hope and healing in this wonderful message. God bless you and all your folks at Ellel world wide.

  30. mumofbookworm

    A superb book by a truly anointed man. This book by one of Ellel Ministry’s founders is profound, Biblical and eminently readable. Real life testimonies and Horrobin’s relatable style make it interesting and personal. God’s Word for today, in every sense

  31. Marty59

    A wonderful book that everyone should read.

  32. Jessica Musila

    Amazing insight on the simple forgiveness prayer Jesus extended to us on the cross and its power for today! Truly transformational!

  33. Lynden

    As a counsellor I have read many books on the power of forgiveness to change lives but this one excelled. An easy read and would be life changing if the principles were applied. Would definitely recommend it to everyone to read if they are struggling with being able to forgive those who have hurt them!

  34. Integrity

    As described


    Brilliant book

  36. Anne Coburn

    Everyone should read this book, if you want to walk in victory! Best book on forgiveness with the exception of The Bible. It makes it clear why we all need to forgive and be forgiven.

  37. kd

    Excellent book and one to re-read again and again.

  38. Basil

    Excellent book by Peter Horrobin. The case studies of people who have been set free because they chose to forgive are truly illuminating.

  39. Lorna Miller

    Excellent read with Biblical principles and practical applications in the importance of forgiveness.
    I liked the testimonies they demonstrated true healing through forgiveness.

  40. Anon

    Excellent read,the only way to live if you want Gods blessing and anointing on your life.

  41. John Lopez

    Excellent read… Great book

  42. Saneben

    Fantastic book based on the parts I have read so far. Makes you realise all the things you harbour or hold in over the years. Good to finally let some of them go. Feel I’ve probably got more to let go and it is an ongoing process.

  43. Anon

    fantastic book i love it and would recommend it

  44. shep

    Gods master key is one of the most real and powerful books I’ve read on this subject of forgiveness. It is simply written and easy to use and understand. It gives you a practical insite into forgiveness. It can change lives.

  45. lynda kingdon

    good content

  46. Melonie

    Great book that you can go back to again and again. I bought 2 extra copies to give to my friends!

  47. Andy Read

    Great book, easy to read, but proves the depths of the power of forgiveness. A life of unforgiveness leads to bitterness and often physical and emotional sickness. Getting healed spiritually can bring health in other parts of life.

  48. ADC

    Have bought extra copies of this book to pass on to others!

  49. Mrs Loris Richards

    I bought this book at Farnham 2012, read and just cried it broke barriers, I bought copies since and gave as gift.
    A very good gift to give to others, now I re read yearly and ensure I practice the model prayer.
    Forgive our Sins as we forgive others.
    Well worth getting and share with others.

  50. S. Nicholson

    I decided to buy this book just to see what it was like, and I decided to purchase this wonderful book and I was not disappointed.

    If I could give this incredible book 10 stars I would. I would recommend everybody who wants to try and Forgive the person who hurt them. This book will change your life.

    I do not have any Faults with this good book. And I don’t have any bad things to say about this purchase. I am so pleased with this item. I am going to get another copy and buy it for my friend.

  51. Veronica

    I found this book a very simple and easy read. The messages of forgiveness really resonated as an act that all should do. This book is backed up with heartfelt testimonies of those people God encouraged to take the walk of forgiveness. I actually received deliverance from severe back pain once I read to chapter 10, and decided again to forgive a person I still unknowingly had deep rooted bitterness towards and was still holding on to. I recommend if you are hurting in anyway read this book.

  52. Nikolita

    I have found this book to be life changing. I read it around the same time as “Think Differently, Live Differently” by Bob Hamp and both together have had a great impact on my life. It teaches what forgiveness really is… Great book!

  53. Philip Edwards

    I highly recommend this book to all! Develop a lifestyle of forgiveness this book points to. You will not regret it.

  54. Mr. J. Robinson

    It was a great read and brought to light things I had not even thought of regarding healing and forgiveness such as blaming God

  55. LaVel Reichle

    It’s true to it’s title, very clear in its presentation, highly motivating to put forgiveness into action in every situation, and very effective. I put the 7 steps into practice in my own life and have had the privilege of seeing many people healed from an unforgiving heart. Praise God for this very valuable and vital book.!

  56. Jeannie D.

    ok but nothing new in it I hadn’t heard be for.

  57. Anon

    Peter Horrobin, of Christian healing centre Ellel Grange, UK, is an old hand in the literature and practice of Christian counselling, healing prayer, and the overcoming of inner “fault lines” that cause damage in our lives. His style is humble, human, certainly not ‘preachy’. He has understood that damaged people already have enough inner pain and guilt not to need any more laid on them! His approach is simple, centred on unlocking the inner barrier to healing, which is our multi-faceted response set to damage: anger, helplessness, rage, resentment, revenge, etc. The writing style is simple, with helpful testimonies and illustrations.

  58. DR Stannard

    Powerful book if you heed what it’s saying . Hard to put into practice but so important and needful to do for a Christian wanting to walk in freedom

  59. trisha

    Ready or not this book instructs in an easy read format how to overcome emotional pain from the past or present. Every believer needs to put this instruction into action.

  60. Kerrie Bradshaw

    Short fast read good reminder. A bit basic – something as believers we all know we must do is forgive but it’s tough and the testimonies help

  61. Thomas Downes

    So many broken people, struggling with impossible burdens. Are you looking for a way out, or do you have compassion for those who are not yet free? This key of forgiveness is drenched with the grace of God! This book does help to educate people on the truth of forgiveness, what it is and is not, and the freedom that is waiting when you choose to turn the key.

  62. Donna Thomas

    so simple and yet powerful – love this book

  63. Andreas Bergh

    This book shows the way to real healing and the life God intended for You! I really recommend this book!

  64. Jilly

    This is an excellent book. Read it in small stages and really think about the content. Peter teaches how to forgive using very practical and accessible language. There are many encouraging testimonies too.

  65. amy

    This was a great book, which arrived on time, which was important, as it was a book for some work I was doing. The condition was perfect, so I was very pleased with the purchase

  66. Ash

    Very happy with product for the price! I would definitely buy from this seller again!

  67. naseem maitland

    Was what I expected it to be but also covered much more deeper subjects on forgiveness that I was not aware of.

  68. Angela Kelly

    Every christian should read this one, simple yet profound. Life changing!

  69. Rachel Clyde

    Helped me in my time of need. Taught me the steps I needed to take to obtain peace.

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Peter Horrobin

Peter Horrobin

Peter Horrobin is the Founder of Ellel Ministries International, which began in 1986 as a ministry of healing in the north-west of England. The work is now established in over thirty-five different countries, providing teaching, training and personal ministry opportunities. ( graduating from Oxford University with a degree in Chemistry, Peter spent a number of years lecturing in College and University, before leaving the academic environment for the world of business. Here he founded a series of successful publishing and bookselling companies.In his twenties he started to restore a vintage sports car (an Alvis Speed 20) but discovered that its chassis was bent. As he looked at the broken vehicle, wondering if it could ever be repaired, he sensed God asking him a question, "You could restore this broken car, but I can restore broken lives. Which is more important?" It was obvious that broken lives were more important than broken cars and so the beginnings of a vision for healing and restoration was birthed in his heart.A hallmark of Peter's ministry has been his willingness to step out in faith and see God move to fulfil His promises, often in remarkable ways. His book, Strands of Destiny, tells many of the amazing stories of what God has done in the past thirty years.To keep in touch with Peter’s occasional topical writings, scriptural insights and comments on national and international events, please subscribe to his Blog at www.peterhorrobin.comPeter has written many books including The Complete Catalogue of British Cars. And for the past thirty-five years he has been the editor of Mission Praise, one of the largest-selling hymn and song books in the UK and originally compiled for the visit of Billy Graham in 1984.In this season of their lives, Peter, and his wife Fiona are concentrating on writing so that all their knowledge and experience can be made permanently available in book form through Sovereign World Ltd and other publishers around the world. His book Healing Through Deliverance is now a Christian classic.See Peter Horrobin's page for more information.


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