17th April 2024

Ellel Storehouse

The Tools and Resources of Ellel Right at Your Fingertips!

The first time I entered through the doors of an Ellel centre, I was 25 years old, I came reluctantly but desperate for something to change in my life. I was extremely blessed because a local Ellel Ministries Centre was only three and a half hours away from my home, and I had a mom who was VERY willing to drive me to a Healing Retreat. After experiencing healing for the first time in my life I wanted everyone I knew to come and experience the tools and resources Ellel offered, however it’s not that easy, I’m sure if you have ever invited a friend to Ellel, you know this very well. I spent many years drawing out what a crushed spirit looks like on a scrap piece of paper found in my purse, or using a piece of string to explain how we bond to people, and I always wondered what it would look like to be able to have those resources and teachings readily accessible. With our new app, Ellel Storehouse that is exactly what you will have access to.

While standing on the key vision of Ellel Ministries, Bringing the Heart of God, to the Heart of Man, we have developed a free app that is going to do just that. Through teachings (both video and audio), written content, application questions, round table discussions and much more, we will be able to reach people from all around the world, right where they are. The App will never be a replacement for physical centres, as they always will hold such a special role within the ministry to welcome, teach and heal, but we are very aware, more than ever, that for some, reaching an Ellel Centre is just not a possibility. We’re also not trying to devalue the teachings and resources within the ministry, but rather be generous with what God has shown us over the many years. Isn’t that the purpose of a Storehouse? To provide when those are in need, and experiencing famine? To be a safe place to come and take when you feel you have little to give? That is the heart of our app.

Imagine sitting across from a friend in a coffee shop, hearing their heart to want freedom from an unhealthy relationship, and being able to sit and watch a 3-5 minute video, pray along with an Ellel leader from around the world, and then discuss some questions prompted by the app after the session. This is the type of App we are creating, a tool for discipleship, evangelism, healing and much more. We do not want to just see people consuming, and binging as they do on social media or Netflix, but rather learn, and then apply what they are learning from wherever they are, whether that is the city bus, or at home with a small group.

So, no matter your financial situation, physical location, age or race this fall we invite you to learn alongside over 40 teachers from around the world and bring Ellel Ministries with you on the go!

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