6th June 2024

Thank you, Lord! – Testimonies

“I have never attended any Ellel courses or events and this is the first time I have done anything like this. I have been a Christian for over 40 years, since I was a child and during my teenage and early 20’s, I had bad experiences at churches with emotional abuse. This caused me to stop attending church for 17 years and to gradually drift away from God as I felt very hurt and angry. Eventually, the Holy Spirit drew me back to a church I felt safe in and after nearly 6 years attending (5 years on the staff team) God has restored a lot and it has been a joy to be back in community, learn from the Bible and put God back into the right place in my life. However, I have still been carrying some deep hurts and through trying to serve God, using my own strength, I was close to burning out. In the last six months, God has been helping me to face and unravel past hurts and also childhood traumas and I began counselling 3 months ago. One day, the Holy Spirit reminded me about Ellel ministries (which I’d heard about 30 years ago) so I googled and browsed the courses. The restoration week description felt like a perfect course for me so I ‘signed up’. I felt a bit wary but knew God was with me and I could trust him. The teaching, worship and encounter time worked together to give me exactly what I needed and to give God the space in my life to continue the healing and restoration work in my life. I was able to begin to trust the teachers, using my discernment and through helpful conversations. I have enjoyed chatting with others attending the course but also guarded my time to prioritize spending time with God. This experience has equipped me to go deeper in my walk with God, have faith, hope and understanding on how to become free from fear and to leave past hurts behind. I know God will continue to work in me, drawing from what I have learnt and the books I have bought. I am very grateful to everyone for their time and expertise. Thank you.”

The Explore journey for me has changed my life in many ways. I have been a Christian for some years and wanted to meet with God on a deeper level. This course enabled me to go deeper in my relationship with God at a relaxing pace, to study His word and apply it to everyday situations. Early in the course a love for God’s order came into my life the way God wants to work, and has stayed with me, it’s has helped me to grow in Christ.

“I had not appreciated just how much my perception and experience of being fathered was limiting my relationship with God the Father, what a revelation! I felt him say “yes and that’s why I’m pouring out my love in small bite size chunks because if I poured out all my love in its fullness you could not yet bear it”. Absolutely game changing.”

“God has been amazing faithful to me during my time here at Ellel. I have received major inner healing and deliverance from bondage and a stronghold of deception and fear, and is breaking some generational iniquity off me, my family and our future generations. I feel more able to give and receive love and interact with people now than I was before. Thank you, Yeshua!”

This was such a wonderful day, with so much to take away and digest. I had been blaming myself for things that were happening in my life, and feeling guilty that they were somehow punishment for my past. I learned some wonderful truths of God’s forgiveness and how Jesus heals and lifts us out of the bondage that we can keep ourselves in by not just surrendering everything to Him and letting him take care of our worries and burdens. I felt like the weight I was carrying round like a heavy rucksack had been lifted and I can get on with living a future with Jesus, instead of living under condemnation of my past. I know everything isn’t always instantaneously fixed but the realisation that if God has forgiven my sins and remembers them no more then I can forgive myself and stop punishing myself, it’s so freeing.

“Although I attended a healing retreat at Pierrepoint around 2008, a lot happened in my life between then and when I attended this course. A lot of struggles and mistakes made, I knew there were things holding me back, so I jumped at the opportunity to come on this course and get right with God. He definitely worked in me in a very subtle, gentle, yet incredibly powerful way. Following on after the course as His healing is working indescribable peace and joy. I had this cloud hanging over me: tormented by the past and afraid of the future. Now God has given me an assurance that I’m on the right path, living life day by day with Him close by, in me, around me, in front, over and behind me and it is ok. I’m no longer anxiety ridden about the state of the world (my heart was broken over the Israel/ Gaza thing), and I would feel despair creeping around the edges, a sense of doom and foreboding. Now I have a fresh, God-given perspective/ outlook. A fresh acknowledgement of God’s power and might and a newfound confidence in Him and a desire to be closer and get the Word into me. I’ve begun to listen to an audio bible when I can’t physically read the paper bible instead of fretting about not reading enough.”

“The best part of the visit to Ellel was the warm welcome and the feeling of being supported by the team. I arrived at Ellel knowing that God wanted to touch something deep in my heart. There had been several months of feeling “uncomfortable” and God speaking into these places and showing me how He saw me. The course was an opportunity to really spend uninterrupted time with Him and get to a deep level. Every morning there was a new revelation of what He wanted to say to me. It wasn’t always clear and help from precious team members, helped me to process what He was saying to me. The testimonies of the team and the teaching were like jigsaw pieces that fit together and pointed to what God was saying to me, sometimes holding up a mirror and sometimes bringing clarity to the situations. I felt held and loved and supported. God spoke deeply into my heart and brought healing to some deeply buried wounded places. A work in progress. Thank you, God.”

It has taken a while to process all the work He is doing, and there are many things which I am still walking through at the moment, but the most notable thing coming home is that I feel as if my relationship with Father God has changed during my time on this course. My relationship with Jesus as friend and brother has always felt safer in many ways, however I have felt Jesus welcome me further into His Kingdom, and that I can experience the presence and covering of Father God in a very different way. Thank you for your welcome, teaching and prayer.

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