17th April 2024

God is Moving! – Testimonies

“I had known for a while that God was beginning to speak to me about a massive rejection story I had from my childhood and youth, and I was expecting this to be what He wanted to work on at Ellel. In the week before going (and also during the course), He started showing me my own sin in how I had responded to rejection, and I spent time with Him confessing and repenting as He led me. However, I had no idea how to present the story once in ministry, because it was such a tangled mess with so many facets to it. So I kept asking Him to show me which thread He wanted to pull. And He DID! By His grace, He showed me facets to it I hadn’t even understood myself, and He pulled the threads He wanted to. I had (in my limited faith) believed that He would start a work in me on this, but expected it to be a long journey because the rejection had such a hold on me. But during the course and especially in relation to prayer ministry I could tell that He was working powerfully. Previously I have experienced Him breaking chains in my life, but this time was somewhat different. Instead of chains, He has given me the image of a great thorny bush with a thick stem that was growing in me which He took an ax to over and over during the time of ministry until it broke in His Name. For this to happen was such a powerful experience that I have no words to describe it. I had felt that I had had a neon light with the word “UNWANTED” above my head since early childhood. And not only is that gone, but I see something else. I know I have been given an invitation to live a new life in Him and with Him. And I am eternally grateful. I am wanted and chosen and I know Whose I am.”

Wonderful, welcoming first impression which continued through the weekend. All the teaching was so helpful and genuine.

“I feel as though for a long time I have been “wearing” a cloak of shame. Although I would confess something and in my head knew that God would have forgiven me, in my heart I felt that I didn’t deserve to be forgiven and so would pick the cloak of shame back up and keep it around my shoulders. I feel that through the teaching and ministry during the weekend, I could lay that cloak at the foot of the cross and leave it there. Since returning home I have continued to feel free from its constraints and am on high alert to send the evil one packing if/when he starts to whisper negative things in my ear! I’m leaning on Jesus and the help of the Holy Spirit.”

So thankful to come away from ministering to others and be ministered to. Good to face up to some of my core beliefs and see the big picture of my life before God. Thank you for providing the safe and accepting atmosphere, away from the demands of daily life and  ministry, where I could be open with your team and be blessed and encouraged.

“Over the last few months I have been having feelings and thoughts that I wasn’t good enough to do the things I feel God has put on my heart to do, and whatever I did had to be perfect. I was also comparing myself to others and this only compounded my negative thoughts about myself. During my time at Ellel, and especially in prayer ministry time, I felt the Lord saying that I am good enough and that all my past life that I had feelings of guilt and shame about (until that is, I was released, and healed from this during my visits to Ellel) would only act to serve the work that my Lord has in store for me. I now feel, not only equipped to do what God has in store for me, but have a new passion, excitement, and peace about it. I now understand that I am here to serve God and please Him, and not worry or concern myself of what others may think of me. I have a new freedom in Christ, and it’s the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever experienced. Praise God. I also understand that this negative attitude is the enemy trying to stop me from speaking out for my Lord.
I have now agreed to continue on the preaching rota at church, and arranged to play the guitar at house group, and after that play at prayer meeting, with a view to play at church once I have familiarised myself with some songs (and the beauty is, I don’t have to be perfect!!!) Thank You Lord”.

The whole visit was pervaded by love. Peace, welcome, kindness, total acceptance was in the air enabling me to fully relax and be myself and open up to what Father God had prepared for me.

“One of the first things I was aware of on entering the reception area was the humility of the folk; the sense of safety and warm, loving acceptance. It was like being welcomed home by family after a journey. It’s amazing to me how much God was able to deal with in such a short space of time. God dealt with some very deep, personal painful issues. It feels as though major surgery has taken place. Yucky stuff that clung to my spirit causing me to daily live under a huge cloud of inadequacy, inferiority and disapproval has been lifted out like a cancer and now I sense a complete inner cleansing – as if a heavenly disinfectant has been applied”.

Having never attended an event at Ellel I had no idea what to expect. I attended by myself but at no point did I ever feel isolated or lonely. The word of God was taught honestly and lovingly without compromise. I was able to receive the prayer that I needed and felt the Lord tell me “it is finished”. I immediately felt lighter in my spirit, something had lifted, something had broken. I had been restored. God is faithful.

“The tangible glory of the Lord is here. There are few places I’ve been where I can confidently say there is an open heaven but this is one. What a divine reflection of the Father’s heart – of His love, His rest, His tenderness. My time here has marked me and I shall not forget it. I pray this place remains a sanctuary, a temple of the Lord and a place saturated in His purity”.

Ellel has been a safe place where I had chance to stop, hide, allow God to rebuild my wrong foundations and experience His healing grace through people. Here I came back to trust Him fully, after I have felt His love for me, and here I have tasted the so longed for freedom from the bondage of sin and oppression in many areas of my life. God is very much at work in this dedicated to Him place.

I feel I drew closer to Jesus as he accepted me as I am, tired, drained and confused. I was made to feel it’s ok to relax and his love and acceptance is unconditional.

I came to Ellel on a friend’s recommendation and I had no idea what to expect. I was overwhelmed by the grace poured out from the team and cried a lot as I realised I’ve never really known it before. God led me gently and powerfully to see some deep places in my life that He wanted to show me. I let Jesus into them and He is healing me as I journey with Him. I’m so very thankful to Jesus for this place and how He works here to transform people’s (MY) life!

“I wasn’t sure what to expect on the weekend. I thought I ought to have an agenda but God soon made it clear that His was better than mine. When I arrived my main “issue” was feeling a prisoner to negative emotions which triggered me to behave in certain ways in a given situation. The teaching and prayer have helped me to see the origin of this but also how it has been a pattern in my family. Most importantly I can see how God wants to heal me and my family and help me move on!”

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