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Pierrepont, a beautiful 35-acre estate in Surrey, England was an Ellel centre for nearly 30 years. The property was sold on 22nd November 2023 and transferred into the hands of RCCG – The Redeemed Christian Church of God. We are excited to see how the next chapter for Pierrepont unfolds as RCCG have such a similar vision to Ellel for salvation, holiness, healing and deliverance.

You can read more about Pierrepont’s story with Ellel Ministries below. We give thanks to God for all He has done there and for every life saved, healed and delivered. We give Him all the glory. We also give thank for all those who faithfully served on team and as volunteers and for those who supported the work of Ellel Ministries at Pierrepont through prayer and financial giving.

News Articles related to the sale of Pierrepont:

The History of Ellel Pierrepont

In 1994 Ellel Ministries purchased PIerrepont school in Frensham, Surrey. The purchase was a bold and brave move by the Leaders of Ellel at that time and, in February 1995 a small pioneering team, led by Jill Southern, began what was to be a significant part of the Ellel story.

The  Pierrepont site had been stripped bare by the previous owners and there was a huge amount of renovation work to undertake. But God miraculously provided literally truckloads of furniture, fixtures and fittings from a soon to be demolished Ministry of Defence site, closely followed by truckloads of carpet tiles from a London office… and more!

NETS Testimonies

The environment itself is so peaceful here and the people here are so loving. I think being in that atmosphere where you feel as though you are accepted no matter what, and loved no matter what – when you are in an environment like that you have no choice but to flourish or to grow.

NETS Trainee

I love it here. I feel like God has done so much in me. He has completely turned my life around. Coming to Ellel, those truths of who God really is, that He is a loving father, that He will never leave me or abandon me – that was a truth I didn’t realise. That changed my life.

NETS Trainee

When I first came to Ellel I had a lot of depression, lot of tiredness and M.E., and that has all disappeared. God has healed me in the time I have been here.

NETS Testimony, Ireland

It’s like, “yes!” This is real, this really changes people, this is amazing. And God’s in it… it really is life transforming – never ever the same!

NETS Testimony, United Kingdom

I’m a completely different person. It’s an amazing experience when God really touches you, changes you from the inside and then you are more able to help others too.

NETS Testimony, Hungary

Before long, Pierrepont became the home of Ellel’s longest residential training programme, NETS (The Luke Nine Eleven Training School). Set as four stages covering a whole year, people came on NETS from all over the world to receive training and personal ministry through the programme. Some came for one stage, or more, and some stayed for the whole year.

More than 50 NETS programmes were held at Pierrepont offering training and ministry for over 1,500 people from over 77 different nations. Many people encountered a touch from the Lord in their own life and were equipped to confidently share the message of hope and healing back in their own nation. Quite a number of Ellel’s leaders around the world received training on NETS at Pierrepont.

In March 2023, following much prayer and seeking the Lord as an Executive Leadership, the decision was made to sell the Pierrepont Estate. Just eight months later, the sale to RCCG (The Redeemed Christian Church of God) was complete and a new chapter for Pierrepont began.

As Ellel Ministries we remain thankful to God for all that He did while Pierrepont was an Ellel centre. Whilst Pierrepont no longer remains a part of the physical Ellel family, we give thanks for all God did in that season and pray the seeds of Kingdom truth that He sowed will continue to bear good fruit.

This week I finally realised and understood that Jesus wanted me to live a victorious life in Him. After MicroNETS I began to see Him setting me free from areas of bondage to sin and healing me physically. I haven’t found Christian training quite like this anywhere else.

Guest - MicroNETS

I came here depressed and oppressed, having been involved in occult activities in the past. But now, having attended Ellel Ministries, and having received the in-depth counselling and excellent teaching, I am completely free.

Guest - Jesus Heals Today!

My husband and I have been married for 8 1/2 years and this is the strongest our relationship has ever been. I am much more secure and contended, resting in God’s love for me and His path for my life.

Guest - Freemasonry: The Christian Response

I came with an agenda and although this was met, the ministry went beyond this and actually got to the REAL root of the problem - not what I had actually expected.


I know now that God loves me - I feel so free I could fly!


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The Miracles of Pierrepont

The full story of the establishing of the work of Ellel Pierrepont can be read in the book, “The Miracles of Pierrepont” written by Jill Southern.

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