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Giving to Ellel Glyndley Manor

Please select which category of project you would like your donation to be used for. If you would like your gift to go to something specific please email us at to let us know how you would like your donation to be used.

Legacy Giving

Giving a Legacy to Ellel Glyndley Manor

Including Glyndley Manor in your will is easier than you might think, and it can have a significant impact on the future and fruitfulness of the ministry.

Legacy Giving

Ways you can give to Ellel Glyndley Manor

Donations to our general funds are of most flexible value as we continue to offer personal ministry without charge and subsidised training. However, you can also support more specific needs at the centre in the following ways:

Urgent Needs Maintenance Projects Development Projects

Ellel Glyndley Manor Urgent Target:

0 8250 16500

Glyndley Manor Urgent Needs

Like any household, emergencies and unexpected breakages and bills happen. Which is why we are so grateful if you are able to help us deal with some of these immediate needs of our work. There is almost always an urgent need, whether it’s a broken down dishwasher or an expensive but leaking roof repair.

Electric Blankets: £1800

Electrical Wiring Test: £5,000

New catering mixer: £4,000

Toilets/Baths and Flooring for Several Rooms: £5,000

New Carpet/Flooring for Team Accommodation in East Cottage: £2,500

Glyndley Manor Maintenance Projects

Maintenance of our properties is a huge challenge, especially when the buildings have a historic listed status. We are increasingly mindful of how the passage of time brings wear and tear to the interior and exterior of our buildings. Rain is a perpetual erosion agent and window frames, guttering, roofs and exposed walls are constantly in need of vital, yet often hugely expensive repairs. Your gift means we can keep our buildings healthy, safe and fit for purpose.

New Carpet for Conference Room: £6,500

New Carpets for Bedrooms and Hallways: £35,000

Bedroom Upgrades for Guests: £15,000

Disabled/Accessible Bedroom/Bathroom: £20,000

Window Upgrades: £20,000

Glyndley Manor Development Projects

God never stands still in His vision for His church and His people, and He often calls us into places of faith for things that glorify His name. The work of Ellel never stands still and we find ourselves constantly challenged with what the Lord seeks to do, as He grows His Kingdom influence where it’s allowed to flourish. We therefore would like to share with you these other major projects that we believe the Lord has asked us to accomplish, yet are financially unviable for us without major donation support. Would you stand with us, whether in prayer or finance, to help us accomplish what we believe will reap great spiritual fruit in the lives of many.

New Roof for Annexe (Team Accommodation): £25,000

New Roof for East Cottage (Team Accommodation): £35,000

New Roof for Stables (Team Accommodation): £15,000

New Roof for Manor (Undivided Accommodation): £25,000

Praying for Ellel Glyndley Manor

We are deeply grateful for donations large and small, yet we know who our ultimate provider is: our Lord Jesus Christ, Jehovah Jireh. For those of you with a heart to pray for the lost, broken and needy in this world, who have a passion for the lost sheep and desires the Church be united through wholeness and healing – then we covet your prayers for our ministry into the church and the world. Your prayers, supplications and intercessions undergird everything we do. This page displays all our practical prayer needs, where prayer for finances is needed to cover all our ongoing costs to maintain the ministry God has called us to. Yet, our need and purpose for prayer goes much further than just our practical and financial need. If you would like to be deeper involved in the prayer life of Ellel Glyndley Manor, please visit our “Pray” page, which gives dates for our regular prayer support meetings.

About Ellel Glyndley Manor

Ellel Glyndley Manor is located in East Sussex, near Eastbourne on the south coast of England. To discover more about the ministry of Ellel Glyndley Manor follow the link below.

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