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God’s Plans and Purposes for My Life, Breaking Ungodly Behaviour Patterns, Exposing the Snares of the Enemy 2


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4 - 9 Dec 2023

Ellel Scotland

Six Day Event

Monday to Saturday

About the Course

Welcome to Ellel Scotland’s week-long edition of Explore. This event includes courses B1-B3. Building on from Explore A, we start a new phase of the journey with a more in-depth look at areas of healing and discipleship.

This starts with a broader viewpoint of what it is to be a part of God’s family, with its benefits, blessings and responsibilities as believers in the Kingdom of God. We then focus on how beliefs are a critical part of our lives and how the Lord brings truth into the inner distortions of our understanding which outwork in changed behaviours. The final topic looks more in depth at how the enemy seeks to ensnare people through lies, deception and sin and how Jesus’ blood is sufficient for all.

A Week of Explore

Only our centre in Scotland offers Explore courses over a week-long event, fitting three Explore courses in a week. Our other UK centres offers individual Explore courses over the convenience of shorter weekends.

About the Explore programme

This course is part of our exciting Explore programme. You can join any Explore course individually, but to receive the full experience we recommend you register for the entire series of this life-transforming programme.


…desires a deeper, closer and more meaningful relationship with God

…knows there are issues in their life which are holding them back

…wants to understand God’s plan for their own life so they can walk in it

…wants to grow in their understanding of healing so that they can help others

This Course: Explore B1-B3

Ellel Scotland’s week-long Explore event includes the teaching from the following three courses:

Explore B1

God’s Plans and Purposes for My Life


We can easily lose sight of God’s plans and purposes for our lives, through our busyness or from our insecurities, fears and negative experiences. Measuring up against others can lead us to feeling in inadequate or that we have failed to attain the goals God has set for us.

Yet, the Scriptures are clear that the only way we can truly fulfil God’s plans and purposes in life are to be an active part of His family.

The subject of family is at the heart of the Gospel message and understanding the divine principles of being in God’s family is essential to accepting our position, role and responsibilities within His plans and purposes for our life.

This course will give an eternal perspective of what it means to fulfil our plans and purposes in God’s family and how we can grow and flourish in that place of belonging and rest. It will look at what it means to share in His work, pray His family prayer and draw strength from the family for your everyday life.

Teaching Topics

God’s Plans and Purposes for My Life - Teaching Topics

The following topics will be covered:

  • Coming into God’s family
  • Jesus as a Son
  • Living in God’s family
  • The family (Lord’s) prayer
  • What does family look like?
  • Our family inheritance
  • Being a child of God
  • Hearing the Father’s voice
  • Adventuring with God
  • Our investment in the family business
  • Giving resources, gifts and talents
  • What prevents us from investing in the family business?
  • The returns on our investment
  • An eternal perspective
  • Being prepared for the return of Christ

Explore B2

Breaking Ungodly Behaviour Patterns


What we believe and how we behave our inextricably linked. When our beliefs about ourselves, others and God become distorted through life experiences, it can lead to deep confusion, negatively impact our relationships and bring our mental health into question.

This course will explore the ways in which such beliefs are formed and how these beliefs, when out of sync with God’s truth, cause cycles of behaviour in our lives which can be addictive, destructive and distressing.

God’s heart is to free you from the power of lies that have taken hold in your heart, which will powerfully undermine the habits and behaviours that seek to control you.

With a non-judgmental approach, this course seeks to help you if you are feeling trapped or locked into behaviours you cannot seem to break away from, helping you identify the wrong beliefs that are fuelling the behaviour to find freedom and new life in Christ.

Teaching Topics

Breaking Ungodly Behaviour Patterns - Teaching Topics

The following topics will be covered:

  • How am I wired?
  • The original plan
  • How core beliefs develop
  • God’s heart for transformation
  • The reality of our lives
  • Unhealthy core beliefs and mindsets
  • God, the only solution
  • Behaviour cycles
  • Reactions
  • The power of control
  • Subconscious and conscious behaviours
  • The role of the demonic
  • Respond not react
  • Practical steps forward

Explore B3

Exposing the Snares of the Enemy 2


As Christians we are not immune from falling into the hidden traps of the enemy, not least in the pursuit of spiritual well-being and healing.

This course seeks to shed light on the subtle deceptions of the Evil One, exposing enemy footholds gained in the past as well as exploring the ungodly roots of alternative healing remedies and exercise regimes, the issue of defiled land and false religious practices.

With the enemy’s schemes exposed, the Lord can bring deliverance to both person and land that has been defiled and continues to be influenced by the enemy, freeing you up to grow and find true healing through Jesus. It will also explore the important topic of discernment, helping you navigate the possible snares of the enemy in the future.

N.B. This course builds on the teaching of ‘Exposing the Snares of the Enemy 1” (Explore A5) and it is therefore recommended that this course is attended prior to attending.

Teaching Topics

Exposing the Snares of the Enemy 2 - Teaching Topics

The following topics will be covered:

  • The reality of the spiritual battle
  • The authority and power of Satan
  • The deceptive nature of Satan
  • The need for discernment
  • Untangling sins, wounds and demons
  • False religions and false religious practices
  • Jesus, the only way to God!
  • Demonisation
  • The significance of covenant
  • Holistic therapies
  • Alternative medicines
  • Medical science versus alternative medicines
  • New Age therapies
  • What alterative healing is wrong and why?
  • Exercise regimes and meditation techniques
  • Be alert for unsafe pathways to healing
  • Jesus, the only answer!
  • Defiled land and buildings
  • Cleansing of the ground

The teaching and the ministry was so full of love and compassion, and being here felt so safe – a place to let the walls fall down, allowing the Holy Spirit to come in and cleanse and heal deep wounds of rejection, hurt and abandonment from my past.

Explore Guest

I was able to experience the true forgiveness of God for the first time.

Explore Guest

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Getting Here and Other Details

Ellel Scotland

Ellel Scotland is set in the village of Glass, which is 45 miles west of Aberdeen in the north of Scotland. Its nearest town is Huntly.

Ellel Scotland
Blairmore House
Glass, Huntly
AB54 4XH
United Kingdom

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Rail & Taxi

Our nearest international airport is Aberdeen (ABZ), which is 45 miles away. From there you can take a taxi to the local train station, Aberdeen Dyce, and take a train to Huntly, the closest town.

Plan Your Stay

Walking Week, North Sea Coast

Blairmore House is situated amongst stunning scenery, with rivers, lochs, mountains and coastland all within easy reach. It makes it an ideal destination for our walking and creative retreats. The coast is 25 miles north to Blairmore House, about 45 minutes drive.


Balmoral Castle was owned by Queen Victoria and is now the private property of the Royal Family. The late Queen Elizabeth was especially fond of visiting each summer. When the Royal Family is away, the castle is open to receive tourist guests. Balmoral is 50 miles south of Blairmore House, and about 1.5 hr drive away.

Cairngorm Mountains

The Cairngorms are a wild mountain range in the eastern highlands of Scotland. They are a National Park, and offer stunning scenery, hiking and skiing adventures. Aviemore town is a hub of winter sport activity when the snow arrives, having its own ski resort.

Blairmore House

There is plenty of beautiful scenery on the doorstep of Blairmore House, with woodland paths around our own grounds, or nearby walks just a short drive away.

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