17th April 2024

The Heart of God in Gen Z

Eli, what do you think people your age group, young adults, are struggling with nowadays?

As a 25 year old man living in this world while trying to follow the Lord with all your heart comes with some struggles. To me one of the biggest struggles even around Christian circles is the pressure of wanting everything now, and not really waiting for the Lord’s timing. Everyone wants to be somebody by the time they hit 22. Either someone’s husband or someone’s wife, a pastor, a missionary, but being just a child of God is somehow not enough. It is sad, but everyone wants the promise, or the promised land, or whatever is coming in the future, the career, the house, the kids, the ministry, but they forget what Mary did and what Martha did not, which is sitting by the Lord, hearing his teaching, embracing his presence. I see it everywhere, whether that is the church or the World, we live in a microwavable society that has zero patience, and seem to forget that things take time, and specially with the Lord, for a great calling we need great roots, we need to let him do a deep work in us, and that takes time.

Do you see a need for a ministry like Ellel in the future?

Ellel is necessary for the future generations. So many people have the talent, have the gifts, have the charisma, but don’t have the character. It is like they never dealt with heavy stuff and never really let the Lord be Lord of every room in their lives. Ministries like Ellel are essential for everyone because let’s face it, we are all broken, we all have our skeletons in our closets, and we all carry wounds from the past that don’t really want to let anyone in. I have seen how the Lord uses ministries like Ellel to heal people, to break them free from chains they have been carrying for decades at times, but he does it so gently and lovingly that is just beautiful to even observe him at work. We all need to drop whatever burden we have been carrying at his feet and allow him to be Lord, to trust him to be Lord, and from that, we will have young leaders and passionate young adults that not only have the talent or the skills, but also the character.

What would you say to people your age who are looking to be serious about God?

Anyone that is around my age group, between18 and 35, I would urge you to surrender everything to the Lord. The Lord is so patient with us that even in our mess and our fear of bringing our stuff to Him, He does not force us nor rush us, but He is there waiting for us. In my opinion, the longer you hold onto things, the longer you don’t bring them to Him, the more you are pushing an opportunity to be fully healed and live as the person God intended you to be, with nothing holding you back. I would urge everyone to make the decision to be a friend of God and enemy of the World. In James we can see this truth, and even in my own life, living on the fence, living as a lukewarm Christian, it really is torture, it probably is better to be cold than lukewarm.

What does Ellel have coming up here in the UK in the rest of 2024?

There are many exciting things happening in Ellel in 2024.There are loads of things on our website at ellel.uk. Ellel Grange will host two flagships, and I am so excited to meet all these new people, to create memories with them, but also hear their stories and why they left everything behind to follow this calling from the Lord for 9 weeks. Ellel Blairmore has a new camp coming up in August that I honestly cannot wait for. It will be called the Remnant: Camp Out, our new retreat for 18-25 year olds. This is taking place from 9-12 August and some of the team from Ellel Grange are going to travel to Blairmore to be part of the team that is running the event.. This retreat will be similar to Digging Deep, a retreat for young adults to get away from life to solely focus on the Lord, to learn about Him, to rest, and to create new friendships with other believing Christians. We will have games, fires by the beach, some panel discussions with the team, Q&As, lectures, and tents for people to relax and drop any burdens at the feet of the Cross and rest in Him. I am excited to be a part of this because I know the Lord is moving amongst His people, not only people that have been in ministry for decades, but also young adults that have His calling on their lives. I see it as an opportunity to meet with the Lord and deal with anything that is either stopping or blocking our relationship with Him so that we can walk as men and women living life fully with Him, with nothing holding us back.

Do you want to be a generation that seeks Jesus, follows Him without compromise, and knows Him in a real way?

Come join us for Remnant: Camp Out! It is specifically for 18-25s and is time for us to get together and to be intentional about seeking Jesus. There will be worship nights, teaching sessions, time to process things with God, campfires, time to just chill and more! Alongside our UK team, we have young adults from all over the world ready to welcome you to our first ever Remnant: Camp Out weekend, so don’t miss out!


9 – 12 AUG 2024 – ELLEL SCOTLAND


Ellel Grange By Ellel Grange

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