17th January 2022

NETS: Beyond Expectations!

I heard about NETS from my friends in Rwanda (Ellel Ministries Rwanda), who attended it before, and they encouraged me to go for it. I believe NETS is a time to spend with God, getting to know Him and dealing with the ungodly in my life. This was my expectation, that I would be able to be intimate with God, be made whole and free, and that I will get closer to God as I get to know Him more in giving Him space for His work in my life. For me to become a Godly vessel for the work of God in transforming lives.

It’s an equipping and transforming program. NETS is so amazing! It’s beyond my expectations! It’s a place that I wish to live forever, a place of exploring God and His heart for myself and others. It’s a place of rest, healing and learning about God and how to let Him do His work in lives, dealing with my past and transformed into a new godly man.

I was surprised by how deep I can go with God, in the secret places of my life and discovering the depth of the Father Heart of God for me!

I came here as a broken man

I came here as a broken man; I felt like my heart was very far from God and I practically believed that God could use me in doing something for others, but not for me particularly! I am a new creation now. I believe my face is now shining as that of Moses after 40 days in God’s presence! (Exodus 34:29). It is easier for me to relate to the Father God, and this will reflect His heart to others whom I relate with.

becoming a new man out of God’s own heart

Oh! I would encourage others to do NETS, to come and spend time with God, do business with God and expect transformation from God. It is good to go deeper with God, spend time with Him, allowing Him do business in my life, and letting Him take me to the hardest areas of my life. I would recommend this program because you get to know how to deal with the ungodly and build up the Godly, becoming a new man out of God’s own heart.

JD Muhire By JD Muhire

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