21st August 2020

Breaking the power of a death-wish prayer

Helen’s Mum was pregnant – again! Number four was on the way and four was one too many. The family budget couldn’t stand another mouth to feed. She began to pray that her baby would die. But her death-wish prayers were never answered and Helen became number four in an already exhausted and poverty-stricken family.

Forty years later, after Helen’s Mum listened to teaching about forgiveness at one of our meetings, she remembered what she had done. She realised how wrong it was and asked God to forgive her. She was very deeply impacted by what happened next as she felt God forgiving her, received healing and was set free from the consequences of what she had done.

I then suggested we should also pray for her daughter Helen, that God would heal and set her free also, from any consequences there had been of her mother’s death-wish prayer.

Twelve months later I met Helen’s Mum again at another meeting. She was so excited as she waved a picture of a baby boy in front of my face. I had to think for a moment who this lady was. She had to remind me of what had happened twelve months earlier, when she asked God to forgive her for praying her daughter would die, while she had been pregnant. When I suggested that we should also pray healing for her daughter, I had no idea that she was suffering from any particular problem.

But when I met her a year later, Helen’s Mum was so excited. She told me her daughter had been married fourteen years and had never been able to conceive a baby. But within days of praying for both Mum and Helen, Helen fell pregnant. I looked at the picture of the new grandson, shared in a grandmother’s excitement and thanked God for the miracle He had done.

As soon as what had acted like a death-curse on Helen had been broken, her womb had been healed and she was then free to conceive a child. Helen is just one of many people around the world who we have prayed for who have gone on to conceive a child – often, like Helen, they had been praying for a child for a very long time.

There are many possible reasons why people haven’t been able to conceive a child – some spiritual and some physical. It’s always a wonderful miracle when our Creator God, the giver of life, hears and answers our prayers.

I’ll never forget praying for Helen’s Mum – or what happened as a result!

Peter Horrobin By Peter Horrobin

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