Rescue from Rejection

Finding Security in God's Loving Acceptance

Denise Cross

(9 customer reviews)


Rejection can be a consequence of unhealed emotional wounds received from as early as conception. This book helps bring these wounds to light.  The teaching can minister deeply into the lives of those that need help.

Denise Cross has extensive experience teaching and ministering on the subject of rejection. She explores the roots of why we feel rejected. Then she shares how we can overcome the power it has, often unwittingly, over our lives.

With Biblical foundations evident throughout the teaching, Denise helps the reader understand how we see ourselves can be distorted through expe...

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9 reviews for Rescue from Rejection

  1. Mrs Joy Bell

    Written from good experience and very encouraging read.

  2. Mrs M S Pagdin

    This book sets out in great detail some of the situations which may have cause you to grow up feeling rejectes, or exhibiting such attitudes, even if you don’t recognise the cause…. Denise suggests ways in which the rejection problem can be addressed

  3. David O’Dowling

    The consideration of forgiveness
    I especially liked the way the author thought like all of us her shames and past unfair and then right near the end with the skill of authorship unravels God’s miracle in her life in a matter of 5 to 6 sentences

  4. Anon

    The best book on rejection! The author does a great job defining rejection and there are prayers to help get free from the destruction rejection causes in lives.

  5. Mr D

    Another classic from Ellel Ministries, very informative.

  6. Marie

    Amazing and powerful! Used for a small group study – fantastic!

  7. Anon

    I was a little suspicious of the true importance of this book but now I stand corrected. Read it no matter who you are this book can change your life!

  8. monya antill

    Brilliant book well written easy to understand extremely helpful
    would highly recommend

  9. lrm

    This book was very helpful to me in trying to understand and overcome feelings of being rejected and where they came from. I highly recommend this book to anybody who feels they don’t fit it or have been rejected for one reason or another all their life. The teaching is clear and to the point.

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Denise Cross

Denise Cross

Denise has been married to David for over fifty years and they have three grown-up children and eight wonderful grandchildren. For many years Denise was a Director of Ellel Glyndley Manor but in recent years has been peripatetic across many of the Ellel Ministries Centres, teaching guests and supporting or training teams. She originally trained as a mathematics teacher but her life and the future of her whole family was radically changed by a “Damascus Road” experience of the Lord Jesus in 1981. For many years previously David and Denise had been attempting to live a self-sufficient life in the Highlands of Scotland but Jesus completely changed their views and focus and showed them how much they needed His sufficiency rather than their own. Denise now delights to share with others what she has discovered about God’s amazing love and His dynamic truth that radically transforms lives in wonderful and often unexpected ways. Her passion is to stir the hearts of believers to appropriate all the benefits of the abundant life that their Heavenly Father freely offers to each of His children.


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