Intercession & Healing

Fiona Horrobin

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God has called His Church to be an intercessory bridge. Bringing people to the heart of God and into the blessing of His truth. Truth that will release them from the deep pains that hold them back in life. The Father yearns for His children to know Him in the core of their being and enjoy His protection, safety and peace. This, in essence, is true healing.

Fiona has three decades experience ministering into deep healing needs, ranging from severe mental health issues to physical healing. She shares how the healing ministry is an integral part of Christian growth and how the Church is to ...

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3 reviews for Intercession & Healing

  1. Robin

    Full of real life stories showing that people can change and be changed through prayer. Fiona shares of the wisdom she has gained from her experiences when it went well and when it didn’t.

  2. Christine Swan

    An excellent book. Very readable and scriptural with great testimonies. Reminded me of basics learned in the past..e.g. The Armour of God .Good for sharing with newish Christians.

  3. katie kate

    Speaks volumes. Written in such a beautiful simple way one can tangibly feel Gods love through out the entire book.

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Fiona Horrobin

Fiona Horrobin

Fiona Horrobin is married to Peter, the founder of Ellel Ministries. Between them, they have four married children and nine grandchildren. Fiona has pioneered the work of Ellel Ministries alongside Peter and has over thirty years’ experience teaching and praying for people from a wide range of backgrounds and across many nations. She has taught on many different aspects of the healing ministry.It was through ministering to the broken-hearted that Fiona discovered the keys to healing that flowed out of creative expression. Through discovering their creativity, people were getting deeply in touch with their Creator and experiencing His healing love.Fiona’s passion for seeing God heal the hurting and seeing their lives restored then led her to pioneer the vision for Healing Through Creativity courses within the work of Ellel Ministries. The lessons learned have proved dynamic and relevant to people from every culture and all the nations – from China to Africa and Australia to North America and especially including the formerly devastated nations of Eastern Europe.It was through this work that Fiona also had a personal breakthrough in her own life and discovered her talent for art and painting. Her first book on Healing and Intercession was also the fruit of many years of practical experience of seeing God at work bringing healing and restoration to people’s lives.


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