Reclaiming the Ground

The Biblical Basis and Practice of Breaking Curses on Land and Cleansing Buildings from Evil Spirits

Ken Hepworth

(8 customer reviews)


This concise but detailed book brilliantly explains how the unseen realm has a powerful consequence in the seen realm. Particularly on the growth, or lack of growth within individuals, churches and organizations.

The author provides examples of how land and buildings can become defiled and cursed. He then explains how the wrong spiritual authority can be broken, bringing release.

Fully backed up by scripture this book is a powerful tool in teaching us to reclaim the ground from the enemy.

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8 reviews for Reclaiming the Ground

  1. chris kelsey

    shows the importance if u are a christian believer of cleansing the land u own or have influence over. tp receive more of gods blessing and push back the works of the evil one

  2. Vicki Gerken

    Outstanding understanding of Gods word!

  3. Tamarin O

    Fantastic book – a must read!

  4. Cking

    All Christians should read it as it makes perfect and powerful sense of God’s most significant actions and protection
    excellent book

  5. Rev David Holland

    well written, very informative for cHristian ministers

  6. Helen Sheppard

    Excellent read. Well written and unpretentious. I have learned so much from it and would say that anyone who wants to change their life should read it.

  7. Rod Plumley

    Proved interesting and helpful and I will keep it as a valuable resource. Gave me new insights on the spirit realm..

  8. Richard Landall

    Read this book act on the information and transform you place of worship, your life and your place in the kingdom of God, it is that good.

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Ken Hepworth

Ken Hepworth is a man with a heart for God's people and a desire to see the Church, both locally and globally become all it is destined to be in Christ. This passion has placed him at the cutting edge of healing and deliverance issues in his calling and commitment to fully proclaim the Kingdom of God. He has served the local church for over thirty six years as Evangelist, Pastor and latterly as a Bible Teacher with an international Discipleship and Healing Ministry. He has been married to Jean since 1965 and has three grown up sons and five grandchildren.


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