Why Pray For Israel?

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Israel is a conundrum, not only for world politicians and leaders, but also for the Church. One may take a political position with Israel. Or feel the indignation through the policies of this tiny nation. However, one thing is made absolutely clear in the Old and New Testament of the Bible: Israel was and still is a chosen nation. It is set apart as a beacon for God’s redemptive plans as we move towards the End of the Age.

Whilst the world’s critical attention is focused on the conflict raging within and around Israel, this book will inspire you to be part of God’s plan...

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3 reviews for Why Pray For Israel?

  1. Anon

    Very informative

  2. P.N. Hardy

    Israel the light in which God reveals his plan for salvation. I found this book cleared up any remaining conflicts I had, but if you are religiously politically correct you will ignore the hard facts and be offended! That should be a temptation to a free thinker

  3. josephine

    every Christian should read this book of truth

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