The Missing Commandment Love Yourself

How loving yourself the way God does can bring healing and freedom to your life

Jerry & Denise Basel


Through their book, The Missing Commandment: Love Yourself, Jerry and Denise Basel draw on their many years of biblical counseling practice and help you experience God’s love as the daily, motivating force in your life. They help you see how to stop punishing and start loving someone whom your heavenly Father loves very much—YOU.

Join Jerry and Denise as they take you deeper still into the healing process as you learn to love yourself the way God does.

What Keeps You From Loving Someone God Loves So Much? How might your life change if you really believed God loves you—not just in ...

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Jerry & Denise Basel

Jerry and Denise have been married for over 40 years and co-direct The Father’s Heart Intensive Christian Counseling Ministry. They both grew up in the same rural town in Michigan\, and previously lived in Texas\, Virginia\, and now Georgia.Both Jerry and Denise completed Master's Degrees in Christian Counseling at Regent (CBN) University in Virginia Beach\, with Jerry completing an additional Master's Degree in Theology\, and Denise\, a Post Master's Certificate with a Biblical Counseling emphasis.They are certified as Prayer Counselors from the Elijah House School for the Ministry of Christian Counseling and hold Master's Degrees in Higher Education from Michigan State University. Prior to receiving the Lord's call on their lives to pastoral ministry\, they both held teaching and administrative positions at the college and university level for twenty years. Jerry is also an ordained pastor.Jerry and Denise reside in the beautiful North Georgia mountains with their border collies\, Grace and Skye. They see clients in a retreat-like setting for intensive periods of two to five days. They have counseled individuals and couples from across the United States and around the globe.


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