No Sacrifice Too Great

CT Studd, From Cricket Field to Mission Field

Gordon Pettie


CT Studd had it all: a life of privilege and wealth; the fame of being best all-round cricketer in the country; member of the England cricket team that won the first Ashes in Australia.

He gave it all up to bring change to the world through humble obedience to Christ. His legacy today is in China, India and Africa where many live in the blessing of knowing Christ because of CT Studd’s sacrificial obedience to God’s call. CT Studd is an inspiration to follow Christ, whatever the cost.

This book includes 16 pages of black and white photographs.

“You won’t find any wishy-washy...

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Gordon Pettie

Gordon Pettie

Gordon Pettie lives with his wife Lorna. He is passionate about writing and is the author of seven books. He says: “I write to reawaken believers to an all-out passion to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, to a lost and hurting world”. Gordon is part of the leadership team of Revelation TV, a Christian television station based in Spain, and the UK, broadcasting into Western Europe and to the nations of the world.

1 The Early Years
2 Cricket Superstar
3 Cambridge and Recommitment
4 Onward Christian Soldier
5 Leaving for China?
6 China at Last
7 Two Shall be One
8 On the Move Again
9 The Call of Africa
10 England Again
11 The Congo Once More
12 Running a Mission
13 The Final Years
Important Dates
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