Islam, Israel and the Church

Marcel Rebiai


Rarely out of the spotlight of international news, the crises in the Near East often arouse violent emotions. How can opposing claims by Muslims, Jews and Christians to ‘the land’ be reconciled?

The author brilliantly explores the historical and theological background to this conflict.  Making clear God’s love for Palestinians, Arabs, Jews and Christians, the author ministers to each group though the Community of Reconciliation, based in Jerusalem.

With compassion, commitment to peace and deep spiritual insight, the author provides keys to understanding God’s election i...

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Marcel Rebiai

Marcel Rebiai was born in Algeria and grew up in Switzerland with foster parents. He trained as a primary teacher and as a state church youth worker. He is the founder and leader of the Community of Reconciliation which is based in Jerusalem. He is married to Regula, with four children and an adopted son. He is the author of Islam, Israel and the Church and has an international teaching ministry.The Community of Reconciliation works among Jews and Moslems in Israel and France. Their efforts concentrate on:
  • general reconciliation ministry based on the gospel of Jesus, the Messiah
  • reconciliation between Jews and Arabs, as well as between Israel and the nations
  • community living; prayer; proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ through friendships and an authentic lifestyle.

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