Exposing the Dangers Behind Martial Arts & Yoga

A Christian's Guide to the Harmful Effects of These Spiritually Rooted Practices

Vito Rallo

(11 customer reviews)


Follow former five-time USA National Karate Champion, Dr Vito Rallo, on a journey into the secret world of the martial arts.
Trained by the best Japanese instructors dispatched to America in the mid 60’s, Vito rose to become the best-of-the-best in his field. He ran his own dojos, was a university instructor, mentored teachers and professional athletes, coached corporate business executives, and trained law enforcement agencies.
Now a Christian, Vito pulls back the covers and unveils the dangerous spiritual realm beneath the surface of the martial arts. You will discover ...

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11 reviews for Exposing the Dangers Behind Martial Arts & Yoga

  1. TX Rose

    This Book is a must have in your collections.
    The Churches need to teach on this Book!
    Awesome book. Everyone need to read it.
    TX Rose

  2. Suzette Gillette

    very informative, thanks for the exposure to us that did not know!!!!!! it sure was an eye opener. Thanks again.

  3. Gloria

    This book has a deep knowledge of the occult part behind martial arts and yoga. Is very good and easy written
    and helped me a lot. I advice to buy it and read it. At the end of the book it has some powerful prayers.

  4. Kraig Harnett

    This book gives a personal insight and factual dangers of the force behind martial arts and Yoga, which I found quite interesting, challenging and compelling! I enjoyed it!
    The only comment I would share with others is that I would have liked to see more references used to outline the linkages between yin&yang/chi/prana/qi/ki and in the new age known as “the force” which martial artist are tapping into and linkages to divination. The Holy Bible clearly warns people to stay away from such practices as it’s steeped in occultism and is a method used by the enemy of souls to deceive men, women and children. It is sad to see such practices being introduced into classrooms in schools, places of worship etc.

  5. Felix

    out of all the books ive read this is certainly among some of the most informative of the subtlties of Satan in our lives!

  6. B. Dundas-Lauder

    I am amazed that there are adult Christians who think that yoga is good for their physical bodies, but are totally unaware about it being BAD for them spiritually!!!

  7. chris

    a must read for every christian, you have to be careful about spiritual aspects of certain exercises, not harmless fun

  8. Anon

    Dr. Rallo has written a great book revealing the dangers of getting involved in martial arts, and he has several interviews on different talk shows, available on BlogTalk Radio or iTunes.

  9. Gladys

    This is a very informative book.The author gives some very good information for people to learn about.I recomend it to everyone.

  10. Dr.Thomas

    Dr. Rallo’s book, which is based on personal experience, is profound and spiritually enlightening. I am recommending it to members of my family and friends.

  11. Margaret Dye

    I found this book explains excellently the dangers of martial arts, in my quest to explain the dangers to my church leaders. This was thought to be just my opinion, so I was relieved to find this book
    endorsed what I had tried to explain. I hope they will all read it and God’s truth will prevail. Thank you for it and thanks be to God.

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Vito Rallo

Vito is no longer involved in the world of the martial arts. He shares his life-changing story and personal experiences with groups across America. He and his wife live in Florida's Tampa Bay area.


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