Explaining Worship

Biblical Truth Simply Explained

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Jack Hayford teaches what the Bible says about worship. He provides a rounded explanation, looking at the Scripture to examine who we worship and why. Hayford outlines why worship is so important for Christians and highlights a variety of different ways to worship God.

This book encourages a fuller engagement in worship and makes it accessible to provide easy application for your spiritual and everyday life.

Each chapter ends with questions for study so you can fully interact with the teaching, which makes this book an excellent resource for personal or group study.

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4 reviews for Explaining Worship

  1. Rpgurl81

    This book will break the stereotype on what worship is. So many think it is the 20 or 30 minutes of singing at the beginning of church. It is much more than that. If you suffer from guilt thinking you are not fitting the bill for a good worshipper, then you will learn that it is not even what you think. This a great study for any christian desiring a closer relationship with God.

  2. Anon

    I found this book engaging and thought provoking. It continues to provide lots of opportunities for personal reflection soul searching and group discussion, as such a book should.

  3. C. Kinney

    Excellent explanation on how/why to worship. What it truly means. How to exalt God like no one is watching !!!!!

  4. MJK

    Jack Hayford covers the what, why, Who, when, and some of the how’s of Worship very well. I pray that more Christians would read this book and put its truth into practice in their daily lives.

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