Explaining Water Baptism

Biblical Truth Simply Explained

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This book is the perfect introduction for anyone considering water baptism. David Pawson teaches what the Bible says about water baptism. He provides a clear description of all aspects of baptism. He explains:

  • The origins of  water baptism
  • Why it is done
  • The meaning of it
  • What spiritual foundations should be in place before a person is baptised
  • What the effects are after water baptism.

The Explaining Series books have always been amongst Sovereign World’s bestsellers. Each book is just 64 pages and focuses upon a vital aspect ...

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8 reviews for Explaining Water Baptism

  1. Romans 10:9

    Wish I would have had a greater insight when I was baptized. But now I do. 🙂 Love this book.

  2. Graham Harter

    This is a really short, and straighforward guide to what the New Testament teaches about water baptism — how it was practised, why it was practised, on whom it was practised, and its theological significance in the life of the believer.

    It is written in very simple, plain language, so that even somebody fairly unfamiliar with the Christian faith could make sense of it.

    He covers this ground in the first nine chapters of the book, the headings of which are:—

    1. A matter of life and death
    2. A very peculiar practice
    3. Dirty people need a bath
    4. Dead people need a burial
    5. A case of identification
    6. What’s in a name?
    7. Penitent believers only
    8. Water and Spirit
    9. The church door

    Pawson takes the view that baptism in the New Testament was (and by implication, baptism today should be) for repentant believers only — not for infants who are too young to profess faith.

    Accordingly in the final three chapters of the book he goes on to address three issues around water baptism which have been historically divisive; namely:—

    * Isn’t baptism just a symbol? (Chapter 10)
    * Must we be baptized to be saved? (Chapter 11)
    * Should babies be baptized? (Chapter 12)

    Although Pawson adopts a particular stance on these issues, and unashamedly so, he also tries to present briefly but fairly the rationale behind the main views he rejects (infant baptism and so on).

    As usual with Pawson’s writings, this book is characterized by its simple faithfulness to Scripture in its plain sense.

    This is a very short book. Its twelve chapters have an average length of just 4.6 pages, from which you can see that it’s a very lightweight way to consider the issues around and the theology of water baptism. Highly recommended.

  3. Anon

    I love David’s teaching. I was going to start with the Normal Christian Birth, but grabbed this shorter guide instead. It answered many of my questions quickly. I will also be reading the other hook now for sure (a more indepth study)

  4. Tays_Wyf_2020

    I downloaded this book after having contemplated for years when (not if) I’d get baptized as an adult since the first was at age 6 at the urging of my dying grandmother. (She died about 2 weeks short of a year later.) Mr. Pawson’s “straight from Scripture” approach to teaching is so impacting that I couldn’t get to the water fast enough. I’ve heard debate after debate on the subject but never felt the need to engage. The Lord’s instruction to the Apostles to baptize was sufficient for me. Reading this book has given me a deeper interest in the Holy Ghost baptism that I’m now praying earnestly to receive. Water baptism is like a stain remover and Spirit baptism is like a scotch guard. We need both!

  5. Roman Hrivik

    Great book on water baptism!

  6. Thankful!

    This explains what atheists seem unable to understand. Such a clear explanation.

  7. L. Davies

    As with all his books, this book on water baptism gives the reasons for accepting it as the Scriptural way to enter the Christian Church. His writing is profound, but put in a way so that all can understand.

  8. John D. Marshman

    David Pawson’s little book on Water Baptism is so straightforward, simply to read and understand. For a average person wanting to know about the facts of Biblical Water Baptism this is the book to get. Easy, very informative and cheap. It helped my poor brain to digest all the other explanations.

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