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David Pawson teaches what the Bible says about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He explains why the resurrection is intrinsic to the Christian faith and clearly lays out the accounts of the resurrection according to the four gospels. Pawson teaches what it meant to Jesus’ disciples and contemporaries. He, very helpfully, places it in the historical and cultural context of the time. This helps us understand what the resurrection reveals about God and what it means for us now: you too can have a new body in Christ.

Both factual and Scriptural evidence are considered, and while he recogn...

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5 reviews for Explaining the Resurrection

  1. fiery

    In “Explaining The Resurrection” David Pawson walks us through the events about and consequences following Jesus resurrection. That God has raised Jesus from the dead means that Jesus’ person has been authenticated as Son of God, his words and deeds approved and his sacrifice accepted. This was also a new act of creation, which means that God has gone back to work to create a new universe, but this time new human beings are first and the new heaven and earth he will make at the end.

    Anyone who is interested why Jesus resurrection is so important for the human race or is still not convinced that this is a real historical event, should read this book. There is a chapter about main theories used to explain it away as well as one about currently known eyewitness accounts and circumstantial evidences about the fact.

    What Jesus did in the 6 weeks following his resurrection and how he prepared his disciples for his and their next stage of ministry is also very interesting read. In my opinion the sequel of this book is “Where is Jesus Now?” which covers Jesus ascension and his current position. Both books could make just one volume.

  2. KmVictorian

    David Pawson’s “Explaining the Resurrection” is the most rational and plausible discussion of Jesus’ death and resurrection that I have ever encountered. With his usual brilliant insight, Pawson answers questions and explains seeming discrepancies in the differing New Testament accounts of this phenomenon.

    I highly recommend the book to both Christians and non-believers. It will satisfy readers’ curiosity and could be a life-changing revelation.

  3. Geordie Girl

    Brilliant Read! Just started to read ‘Explaining the Resurrection’! And I have to say so far after reading a few pages, I’m gripped already! David Pawson books never disappoint!

  4. antony webb

    good book full of great information

  5. Mr. G. S. Ames

    David Pawson has been blessed with a real gift to see into the facts of scripture with a God given gift of wisdom.
    This book not only gives answers but encourages the individual to seek tings out for ones self.

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