Your Personal Journey to the Kingdom

Peter Tsukahira

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“And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets and some as evangelists and some as pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ.”

Take up the challenge of discipleship! This book is a series of 52 short teachings meant to equip men and women as disciples of God’s kingdom in our day. The teachings may be read one by one, or as a series of weekly studies for a single year. Each teaching is accompanied by several questions for reflection or discussion and a point of prayer. The sections in EQUI...

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1 review for Equip

  1. Peter Brokaar (Centre Director, Ellel Scotland)

    I really enjoyed reading Peter’s new book ‘Equip’! I love how he writes with such clarity, depth and without overcomplicating anything. It has given me a better grasp on thinks like discipleship, Israel and the Kingdom of God. I personally don’t know of any other author who weaves these themes together so well. I have been recommending the book to others and expect I will return to it myself again and again!

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Peter Tsukahira

Peter Tsukahira was born in the U.S. and raised in Japan. Peter became a believer in 1973 and attended Christ for the Nations Institute (Dallas, Texas). He completed a Bachelor's degree in economics at Tufts University (Medford, Massachusetts) and enrolled in the American Christian Theological School (Anaheim, California) where he earned a Masters of Divinity degree. Peter moved to Tokyo, Japan in 1982 where he led a growing international fellowship and also worked in the Japanese computer industry. In 1987, he moved to Haifa, Israel, and has lived and taught there for more than 30 years. Aside from his local ministry responsibilities, Peter teaches in various countries. While biblically focused, Peter's teaching is inspirational rather than academic.

Table of Contents

My Personal Journey


Part 1 – Disciples of the Kingdom

  1. Organic Growth – God’s kingdom grows through discipleship—one person at a time.
  1. What Is a Disciple? – Disciples have special godly characteristics that are essential to the growth of God’s kingdom.
  1. Coming Out of the Crowd – There is a big gap between those people who sit in the audience and those who sit at Jesus’ feet.
  1. Destiny of a Disciple – A disciple’s destiny is launched and guided by the inspired words spoken by the Lord.
  1. Identity of a Disciple – God develops our eternal identity as we respond to His call to discipleship.
  1. Socks and Shoes of Discipleship – This is a call toward vocation-specific discipleship that goes beyond the basics of walking with the Lord.
  1. Giving Up to Gain More – Developing the disciplines of giving, praying, and fasting.
  1. Hearts of Gold – The value and power of purity in the heart of a disciple

Part 2 – Restoring Foundations

  1. Restoration of All Things – In fulfilment of the Bible’s promises, God is restoring His kingdom to earth in our days.
  1. Contextualization “Time Warp” – Bringing the gospel back to modern Israel has an impact on how we read and understand the Bible.
  1. “De-Greecing” God’s House – The Bible calls us away from Western, Greco-Roman thinking to the Hebraic worldview of its writers.
  1. New Architecture for the Church – Alignment with God’s plans in the Scriptures means the church must change its shape in the end times.
  1. Restoring the Unity of the Bible – The Bible is one single, inspired book from Genesis to Revelation!
  1. Interpreting the Bible – How can Christians without special training read and understand the words of Scripture?
  1. Israel and God’s Kingdom – Israel was chosen by God to be the picture and example of His kingdom for the benefit of all nations.
  1. God’s Kingdom Rejected – Israel     rejected    God’s    kingdom    with    disastrous consequences.
  1. The Disciples’ Last Question – In their last minutes with Jesus on earth, the disciples asked Him when God’s kingdom would be restored to Israel.

Part 3 – Faith and Works

  1. Faith + Works = Salvation – Faith in God and the good works that result from it cannot be separated.
  1. Gospel to the Jews – When addressing the people of Israel, New Testament verses emphasize the importance of good works.
  1. Three Teachings about the End – Jesus’ teachings about judgment and His return focus on behavior that results in salvation and reward.
  1. God’s Amazing Plan for Our Lives – Based on His love and perfect knowledge of the future, God has plans for everyone before we are born.
  1. Hearing His Call – Hearing God and responding to His call define the direction of our lives.
  1. The Path to the Plan – How can I begin to follow God’s plan and experience His will for my life?
  1. Your Gift – Your Anointing – God designs everyone with a spiritual gift and potential for anointed service.
  1. Where’s the Fruit? – Everyone is responsible for producing a godly impact and spiritual influence in this life.
  1. Down Is Up – Big opportunities in God’s kingdom are found by looking down to serve rather than striving to climb up in the eyes of others.
  1. Freedom from Striving – True humility is really a series of important decisions that can set you free and make you secure in God’s kingdom.
  1. Other People Hold the Keys – Wisdom is recognizing that other people are essential to your fruitfulness in God’s calling

Part 4 – Law and Grace

  1. The Value of Law – The evidence of God’s lawful nature is to be found everywhere in our world.
  1. Lawful or Lawless? – The justice and mercy of God’s kingdom stand against the lawlessness of our times.
  1. Jesus’ Law – How did Jesus interpret and teach God’s laws to the people of His day?
  1. Grace Is Amazing – Alongside His lawfulness, God is amazingly gracious by nature.
  1. Law and Freedom – God’s law defines and protects personal freedom and civil liberty.
  1. Is Freedom Independence? – Does freedom mean simply casting off all restraint?
  1. Law of the Spirit – What is the difference between the spirit and letter of God’s law?
  1. Sons Ask “Why?” – One word, a simple question, becomes our key to finding the spirit of God’s laws.
  1. Love Is the Greatest – Love is the greatest law and the highest value in God’s kingdom.
  1. God’s Laws about Food – How do we interpret the dietary laws of the Torah?
  1. Feasts of the Lord – What is the value of the “feasts of the Lord” and the biblical calendar for Christians today?
  1. Paul’s Freedom – Paul offered the obedience of a bond-slave to the Lord, yet he found freedom few have achieved since his day.

Part 5 – All Over the World

  1. The Worldwide Kingdom – Disciples today need a worldwide vision because God works locally but His plans are global.
  1. What Is a Nation? – Nations are formed when “tribes” and ethnic groups agree to be governed as one.
  1. Dual Citizens – How to understand our dual calling as earthly and heavenly citizens.
  1. Jews and Gentiles Are Equals – Through the sacrifice of Jesus, God healed the wounds of division between Israel and the nations.
  1. Men and Women Are Equals – The greatest dividing line in all of humanity finds its resolution in God’s kingdom.
  1. Learning from Israel’s Example – Israel stumbled when called beyond mere racial tolerance to love.
  1. Crossing Cultural Borders – Disciples trained in heaven’s culture will always be crossing cultural borders.
  1. Outsiders Bring Change – God gives everyone a unique life experience. He uses what makes us different to bring needed change.
  1. Small Is Powerful – The church of the future will grow and win the world by effectively networking masses of widely dispersed groups where disciples are made.
  1. Love Your Neighborhood – The New Testament church began as a network of spiritual neighbors and it will end triumphantly in the same way.
  1. Jesus’ Signs of the End – In Matthew chapter 24, Jesus taught His disciples about His return and accurately predicted the signs of our times.
  1. The Days of Elijah – Disciples today need the same spirit and power that was given to Elijah to meet the crises and challenges of the end times.




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